Web3 and the metaverse: two sides of the same coin? The CEO of Animoca Brands speaks

Ready for the webtaverse? – What will the network of the future look like? The question might have seemed ridiculous a few years ago. Indeed, the network seemed to have reached a state of maturity, well placed in its hands ERROR. However, the innovations of recent years can redistribute the cards and open a new horizon called web3. A web3 that will rhyme with metaverse : two notions that would be inseparable from each other. Explanations!

This idea was just presented by Robby YungCEO ofAnimoca brands to WebSummit of Lisbon. The Metaverse is currently such an open concept that it can represent something completely different from one individual to the next. For some, it’s an immersive gaming mode. For others, it’s a way to catch up with friends even when they’re far away. Still others see it as the breeding ground for a world populated by NFT or a new way to advertise.

In the end, many are lost, as the technology is new and difficult to understand. And it is often the same as the general term of “web3”. For Robby Yung, however, these notions are intrinsically linked, according to him tell reported by Decrypt:

“There won’t be a metaverse without web3, because you have to have that transaction layer, that interoperability to move content from one place to another. »

A Web3 inseparable from the metaverse?

from “content”Bobby usually implies NFT. For him, it is unlikely that in the decentralized world of the web3, these digital objects will be confined to a single metaverse. In the future, NFTs will be able, according to him, to easily move from one virtual world to another.

This especially includes the standards that members ofOpen the Metaverse Alliance, of which Animoca is also a part, try to create. We observe the same approach through creation of the Web3 Domain Alliance from Unstoppable domains. An initiative aimed at harmonizing and regulating the referencing of web3 domain names.

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According to Robby Yung, our NFTs will soon flow freely between them The sandbox AND Decentraland and any other metaverse that may come into existence. It is more than that technology supported by Metamundoone of the subsidiaries of Animoca Brands.

Yat Siu, CEO of Animoca Brands, recently praised NFT technology. Indeed, for him it will be the way to return ownership of their data to individuals. In other words, the goal is to the end of digital colonization which we have all been victims of for years with the absorption of our privacy by the web.

Will web3 sound the death knell for the end of web2 and private data trade?  Or is it just a chimera powerless to fight back against GAFAM's dominance?
Web3, a world in which users hold the keys to their data and privacy?

However, some big names are missing from this Open Metaverse Alliance. of mischievous monkeys from Yuga Labs in particular they want to create their own NFT standards and metaverses. Robby Yung admits that building standards of what he calls “Internet 3D” it will take time, maybe more than 10 years.

Incidentally, Robby Yung and Yat Siu disapprove the vision of “all virtual” from MetaMark Zuckerberg’s company.

“My personal view is that VR is a huge distraction. »

Robby Yung

VR is just one platform among others and does not reflect the real issues of web3.

To scour the unknown lands of the Internet3, digital adventurers, these Christopher Columbuses of the XXIe century, take many risks, like Meta of which stock price declines . However, their work paves the way for millions of people who will build and live, in the near future, on the lands of this new world. A world dictated by new rules, where decentralization and digital ownership will be at the heart of this Constitution 3.0. A world that will rhyme with web3 and metaverse!

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