Virtual reality: Mark Zuckerberg in sweat because of Meta Quest Pro

News equipment Virtual reality: Mark Zuckerberg in sweat because of Meta Quest Pro

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave an immersive virtual reality demo to promote the Meta Quest Pro, his company’s yet-to-be-official upcoming virtual reality headset.

Meta’s Connect 2022 conference, which will take place on October 11it will be an opportunity to learn more about the company’s ambitions regarding the metaverse and virtual reality in general. The star of the event has to be Meta Quest Pro, a new VR headset for professionals. Inevitably more powerful than Meta Quest 2, this new model promises to be particularly ambitious and should make it possible lay the groundwork for an upcoming Meta Quest 3 aimed at the general public.

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The guts of Meta Quest 2, while waiting for those of Meta Quest Pro

If we talk about Meta Quest Pro as if it was already official from Meta, in fact it is not.. The many leaks around the device, however, give the impression that it is a product that has already been introduced. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s boss, has decided to play the open secret card in a new video posted on Facebook.

Fences in VR, larger than life

In this video less than two minutes, Mark Zuckerberg wears a virtual reality headset that is blurred between his hands and on his head : we wonder what model it could be! Spoiler: There is no doubt that the boss of the Meta is holding the Meta Quest Pro, also known as Cambria.

“Fencing session in the metaverse with Olympic gold medalist and world number one Lee Kiefer, and two-time Olympic medalist Gerek Meinhardt. We’re using our new high-end VR headset, coming out next month, with mixed reality, which means you can see virtual objects (like your fencer friends) deep in the physical world around you.”explains Mark Zuckerberg in its publication.

One of the advantages of mixed reality is that it allows you not to be limited to a small space, conditioned by a “caretaker”.. That’s what this video tries to show, and the demonstration is really amazing. You still need some space to make moves that are unlikely to touch walls or furniture, but it is easier to control one’s movements when one can see one’s surroundings.

This demo that mixes virtual reality and the real environment highlights some of Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitions and convictions. If he’s changed his tune a bit about the metaverse, which he no longer considers only for immersive solutions like helmets, the head of Meta believes that mixed reality remains the best way to adopt these technologies by the general public. Today, many people are still confused by the idea of ​​being locked, literally, in a virtual world. This type of presentation can help change their minds.

Pre-order Meta Quest Pro for €1799 on Amazon

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