If your Wi-Fi is slow, this triple play internet box will change your life (-30%)

Want to speed up? Watch your series without endless loading times? Work from home in the best conditions? You would do well to get very high speed fiber. Good luck, it is currently at a sacrifice price at Bouygues Telecom. By October 23, the price of Bbox should drop to 15.99 euros per month. This is the time to enjoy…

Benefit from the Bbox subscription for €15.99 per month

Bbox should be less than €16 per month

Offering internet, TV and phone, Bbox must be positioned as Bouygues Telecom’s most balanced internet box. You do not compromise and enjoy everything. Especially since the internet service provider is known for the quality, speed and reliability of its network. To be able to benefit from one 30% discount compared to its usual price it is a bargain.

If its price of 22.99 euros per month is already suitable, Bbox must be even more interesting today. Indeed, for the same price as Bbox adaptation, the most affordable ISP box, you are entitled to more services and faster speeds.

In this way, for only 15.99 euros per month, benefit from very high-speed fiber (up to 1 Gbit/s download and up to 700 Mbit/s upload), 180 TV channels, Bbox 4K TV decoder, up to 100 hours of TV recorder , for unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and landlines in more than 110 countries and, finally, WiFi diagnostics. After the first year, Bbox should go up to 40.99 euros per month.

Whether you live alone or with others, Bbox must be made for you. Even when many people are connected, you don’t experience any slowdown or lag. You can watch the latest episode of House of the Dragon while your friend or partner goes Top 1 Fortnite without being frustrated by the slowness of the network.

With this 30% monthly discount on Bbox you should, you save more than 80 euros during the year. It is not negligible. If we compare with the initial price of the box, 40.99 euros after the first year, you can save 300 euros. If the Bbox adaptation is the first choice when you want to be equipped with Fiber at the best price, Bouygues Telecom gives you more for the same price with the Bbox must for less than 16 euros. The choice is made quickly. Provided you decide quickly… You have until October 23 to take advantage of this golden offer.

Bouygues Telecom imposes only one condition, apart from being eligible for Fiber: you must commit for twelve months. The good news is that it allows you to cancel your subscription before the monthly fee increases. Despite everything, note that Bbox should at 40.99 euros per month, after a year, remains a good price when you look at what the competition offers.

Finally, Bouygues Telecom ensures that you are not left without a link between the end of your previous contract and the intervention of one of its technicians in your home. The ISP provides you with a 4G dongle so that you always have a good, fast and efficient connection during this beating period.

Several Bboxes to choose from

So that everyone can find their account, Bouygues Telecom offers several internet boxes. From the essential to the most complete. However, the two offers on other Bboxes from ISPs are not as interesting as the one on Bbox.

  • Bbox customization: normally, is the most accessible Bbox from Bouygues Telecom at 15.99 euros per month. It gives you access to high-speed Fiber with 400 Mbit/s download and 400 Mbit/s upload, WiFi diagnostics and unlimited calls to landlines in mainland France and more than 110 countries. After the first year, Bbox went to 30.99 euros per month.
  • Bbox ultym: if you are looking for a premium internet box, Bbox ultym is made for you. Gives you access to the latest generation 6E WiFi Fiber anywhere in your home (up to 2 Gbit/s download and up to 900 Mbit/s upload), WiFi diagnostics provided and up to 2 WiFi repeaters included depending on the diagnosis result . The B.tv+ service allows you to enjoy 180 TV channels from the application. Benefit from a 100-hour TV recorder, unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France and landlines in more than 110 destinations. Finally, you get 6 months of Disney+ and Salto subscriptions and installation in hand. All this for 29.99 euros per month for a yearbefore rising to 49.99 euros per month.

Here too, Bouygues Telecom asks you to commit for a year to benefit from these attractive prices on Bbox fit and Bbox ultym. The details of ISP charges are displayed on the official website in a clear and transparent manner.

Finally, Bouygues Telecom reimburses you up to 100 euros for termination fees from your old ISP. Note that the latter almost never exceeds such an amount. That way, you’re almost certain to get a full refund.

Bbox should be less than 16 euros per month, is until October 23, 2022. Then, it will be too late to take advantage of this mini prize.

Benefit from the Bbox subscription for €15.99 per month

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