ArbiSmart crypto wallet offers the best returns for BTC, ETH and SHIB HODLers

As the bear market continues to rage, investors are increasingly turning to producing crypto wallets in order to make money regardless of market conditions.

While there are hundreds of crypto wallets on the market, it eArbiSmart it presents no risk and is distinguished by incomparable returns

What are the advantages of ArbiSmart crypto wallet?

The main advantage of wallet crypto from ArbiSmart is that it gives you a stable return without any risk. This, regardless of market conditions.

Indeed, the interest rate always remains the same, which gives you more reliability and predictability, while protecting you from market volatility.

In addition to protecting your capital, wallet ArbiSmart Crypto makes your money work for you, generating returns up to a hundred times higher than those offered by traditional banks.

Also, unlike short-term trading, which requires you to spend a lot of time analyzing the market, opening and closing positions, and managing your investments, wallet Crypto yield requires no effort from you.

How does ArbiSmart’s crypto wallet stand out?

Great flexibility

of wallet ArbiSmart crypto is EU authorized and registered. It supports 25 different currencies including major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum AND shiba inusas well as traditional FIAT currencies such as Euro, USD and British Pound.

The crypto wallet offered by ArbiSmart allows you to either deposit your funds in a checking account where you can access them at any time, or put them into a savings plan to generate interest. You can lock your assets (fiat or crypto) in short-term savings accounts with a duration of only 1 or 3 months, or in long-term plans with a duration of 2, 3 or 5 years. Obviously, the longer the lock-in duration, the higher your returns will be.

Even better, you can also customize how you collect interest. Indeed, ArbiSmart gives you the opportunity to receive interest every day and withdraw it at any time. For a better return, however, you can add your earnings to your savings.

The last option, which offers the highest rate of return, is to take your interest in RBIS, ArbiSmart’s original token. You can choose this option even if your savings are in a different currency (eg BTC, ETH…) and lock up your assets until the savings plan expires.

High interest rates

of wallet ArbiSmart crypto generates passive returns of up to 147% per year.

The return you earn depends on your account level, which is determined by the amount of RBIS you hold. The minimum amount of RBIS required to earn interest on the savings plan is set at 1,000 RBIS, which corresponds to an “Entry Level 1” account.

Likewise, you can buy more RBIS tokens at any time to reach a higher account level and earn better returns in Euro, Bitcoin, Shiba Inu or any other currency available on ArbiSmart.

Although wallet crypto is compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, balances on RBIS earn much higher interest than any other currency.


A risk-free strategy

If ArbiSmart manages to generate such high returns for its holders wallet crypto, is thanks to its strategy ofcrypto arbitrage automated, risk-free investment approach that allows you to take advantage of price discrepancies on different crypto exchanges.

ArbiSmart is actually connected to 35 exchanges, where it monitors all available currencies 24 hours a day, to detect price discrepancies.

Its algorithm is capable of instantly executing hundreds of transactions simultaneously, buying cryptocurrencies at the lowest prices and then automatically reselling them on the crypto exchange at the highest price.

Indeed, price discrepancies are common within the crypto market. This is due to the differences in trading volumes between large and small crypto exchanges. These deviations occur in both bear and bull markets. Therefore, wallet ArbiSmart’s crypto is an excellent hedge against falling prices. Its returns are so reliable and predictable that you can calculate them before making your deposit.

Galloping demand for RBIS crypto

like wallet ArbiSmart’s crypto is gaining momentum, investors are buying more RBIS tokens in a bid to generate higher returns. The result: growing demand for crypto RBIS.

On the other hand, the supply of the token is limited to 450 million RBIS. As tokens are withdrawn from circulation and locked up in savings accounts, this supply diminishes.

Thus, when demand exceeds supply, the price of the token will rise, and this trend should continue in the coming months, especially thanks to the introduction of new use cases for RBIS. Indeed, some analysts expect the price of RBIS to rise 35 times by the end of the year.

What future for ArbiSmart?

ArbiSmart is expected to launch new features over the next two months and the first quarter of 2023. All of these features will require the use of the RBIS crypto.

Initially, by the end of the year, ArbiSmart will launch a mobile application, an NFT market, an exclusive collection of ArbiSmart NFTs, as well as a protocol Challenges providing unique services yield farming exclusive, with gamification features.

From the first quarter of 2023, ArbiSmart will introduce a metaverse Play to winwhich will be powered by RBIS as well as a crypto exchange.

Since all ecosystem services are fully interconnected, using one service will give you an advantage over others. Likewise, since all of these services require the RBIS cryptocurrency, the latter will be increasingly in demand.

For example, you can increase your score in the ArbiSmart metaverse by buying one of them immutable tokens of the project. In addition, the holders of wallet crypto from ArbiSmart will be able to benefit from a discount on transaction fees if they choose to pay them to RBIS.

like wallet crypto gains momentum and as new ArbiSmart services emerge, the price of RBIS is expected to rise. This means that with an annual return of up to 147%, users of the portfolio will generate capital gains.

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