Apple is not yet ready for mixed reality, the revolution will wait

Apple’s augmented reality headset is still delayed, and according to one analyst, the design of these glasses would be delayed. So we shouldn’t officially see it until 2025 or 2026.

Apple would be working on a VR / AR headset // Source: AppleTrack Editing

Many rumors for several months claim thisApple works in a mixed reality headset or glasses, combining virtual reality and augmented reality. The operating system has a name, RealityOSwhile the product is expected to be called Reality One and/or Reality Pro.

Until now, we thought we would see this helmet arrive in late 2024, according to Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Tech Research. The latter turned into this MarketWatch in an email to the media.

No augmented reality headsets from Apple before 2025

According to Jeff Pu, we can now ” expect augmented reality glasses to be pushed to 2025-2026 due to design issues “. An assessment that goes in the direction of the analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, often associated with the work of Apple. Last year he had actually indicated that these glasses could be on the market by 2025, but with a presentation in 2023.

Source: James Yarema – Unsplash

MarketWatch also expect Apple to introduce this AR/VR headset in the coming months. This could give app developers time to work on bringing services to Apple’s upcoming platform in time for commercialization. However, the price can be crazy and reach 2500 dollars.

Apple is working on augmented reality

However, Apple has lifted the ban for several years. The last event, an interview with Apple’s CEO in person, Tim Cook. He said he was enthusiastic about augmented reality. According to him, its influence may be as deep as that of the Internet, enough to fuel all the rumors surrounding this famous helmet.

Tim Cook on a field near Apple Park
Tim Cook in a field near Apple Park // Source: Apple

It’s really time for Apple to occupy this ground as other competitors have already established themselves there, sometimes for several years. Meta, which was renamed a year agobet everything in the metaverse and submitted Meta Quest Prountil PlayStation prepares for the release of PS VR 2. Even Google got back in the saddle after the failure of Google Glass with a pair of augmented reality glasses dedicated to instant translation. Moreover, last January, a rumor revealed this Google would also prepare an augmented reality headset.

An augmented reality market that’s still finding itself, but it’s growing

MEDIAMarketWatchtook advantage of this information to interview Paolo Pescatore, technology analyst at PP Foresight on the virtual reality and augmented reality market. For her, “it still feels like a solution in search of a problem“. Right now, the use cases and awareness aren’t strong enough for mainstream adoption.

What this mysterious helmet might look like // Source: The Illustration via The Verge

But he believes in a portable device that would connect to the iPhone to enter a world of augmented reality, a kind of metaverse. Apple’s augmented reality glasses, he says, would be a good approach and would be a consistent part of Apple’s strategy. “ looks less intrusive and offers more opportunities for differentiation“, compared to a virtual reality headset for example. Paolo Pescatore goes even further and explains that Apple “will increase consumer demand for smart glasses and the AR field in general“. As was the case for smart phone, Tablet where wireless headphonesApple may well be the company that really jumpstarts the market.

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