A month in video game mode at the libraries of Joigny

From November 9 to 30, put away the children’s literature books to make room for the PS4 joystick and Nintendo Switch. The media library Olympe-de-Gouges and the library La Madeleine in Joigny are organizing the second edition of Video Games Month for a new audience.

Both institutions will offer five types of activities every Wednesday afternoon at 14:30. In addition, the animators will organize two tournaments (registration essential): one in the Mario-Kart game on Nintendo Switch on November 19, the second in Fifa 21. on PS4.

The activities were centered around five themes

“The activities are divided into five themes,” explains Anne Mielnik-Meddah, assistant in charge of cultural affairs. We will present sessions about virtual reality. During a workshop, our young participants will be able to create a video game thanks to Scratch. software…”

Alongside the latest hardware, a place will be given to the “past” with the unveiling of retro-gaming consoles. Another concession made for nostalgia: the presence of an arcade game terminal, on loan from the departmental library of Yonne, made available to users at the Olympe-de-Gouges media library, from November 9 to 30.


Wednesday, November 9 (2.30pm) At the Olympe-de-Gouges media library: discovering video game-themed board games. At La Madeleine library: the discovery of retro-gaming consoles in partnership with the Petits Formats store in Joigny.

Wednesday, November 16 (2:30 p.m.)? In the media library: the discovery of retro-gaming consoles in partnership with the store Petits Formats in Joigny. In the Library: Virtual Reality on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

?Wednesday, November 23 (14:30)In the media library: virtual reality on PS4 and Nontendo Switch. In the library: activities around the Pokemon license by discovering video games, creating a pokeball and cards.

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Saturday, November 19 (2:30 p.m.)?In the media library: Mario-Kart Tournament on Nintendo Switch (with registration, ages 7 to 12).

Saturday the 26th NovemberIn the library: Fifa 21 Tournament on PS4. 9.30am for 10 to 12 year olds and 2.00pm for 13 to 15 year olds (registration required).

Wednesday, November 30 (2:30 p.m.)In the media library: creating a video game in Scratch. In the library: discovering video game themed board games.

Pierre-Emmanuel Erard

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