A giant 3000 m² park will open on the Promenade de Flandre

The Orbis Adventures all-inclusive leisure park will spread over 3,000 m² in the Promenade de Flandre shopping centre. (©Schroninger Studio)

of hundreds of board games available, adventures in virtual reality, escape games unpublished, part bar-restaurant,… All in one Surface area 3000m² whose decoration resembles that of a Hollywood movie! You will have understood, this place, which should open its doors on December 2, 2022 in Walk of Flandersbetween Tourcoing, Roncq AND Neuville-en-Ferrain, it seems completely unbelievable. Created in Belgium, the concept Orbis Adventures arrives in France posing as ” the largest entertainment and dining space in the north“.

The metropolis of Lille was chosen for the first establishment in France

The concept was launched in 2020 by Vincent Radix. “After cinema and photography, he put his talent as a screenwriter into catering before turning to events,” we are told. He therefore had the idea of ​​creating a hybrid leisure park to combine his various passions with creativity and imagination. Its ambition is to “blend entertainment and innovation to bring the latest generation of adventure and leisure to the heart of cities”.

“You come to Orbis to share an adventure: whether it’s exploring temples, avoiding traps, challenging your friends to board games or dining in a breathtaking setting. Once through the door, every visitor becomes an explorer, immersed in an environment as fantastic as it is exotic,” explains Vincent Radix.

The hybrid venue combines gaming and catering.
The hybrid venue combines gaming and catering. (©Schroninger Studio)

After Liège, inaugurated last year, Orbis Aventures has chosen the North for its first establishment in France. Another park is planned in Bordeaux at the beginning of 2023. And exactly in the shopping center Aushopping Promenade de Flandre will open its doors on December 2. It will be located near the TFOU parkquite reserved for children and their families and whose opening is scheduled for December 6.

In connection with Orbis Lille-Tourcoing, the indoor leisure park will be located on an area of ​​3,000 m² (2,500 m² + 500 m² terrace). On site, visitors will be able to find no less than ten immersive attractions: next-generation escape games, quick challenges, exploration missions in virtual reality… not to mention a restaurant and a gaming bar.

All-in-one games, adventures and arcade games on board

Visitors will find various ways to have fun in the country. First ” short games“, the duration of which varies from 15 to 35 minutes and unites 2 to 5 players. In immersive environments, each game combines special effects, virtual reality, physical challenge and intensity. Thus, participants face many challenges such as “diving into the abyss to explore a submarine, showing balance and a sense of observation in a dangerous ancient room, or even testing their skills with friends against terrifying totems.”

We can also get involved adventure for an hour, which require team coordination, observation and knowledge. For these, players will have to uncover the mystery of a pyramid full of dangers, complete challenges to access a forgotten treasure, review objects with extraordinary properties or discover the secret of the strange energy of a place that is thought to be abandoned.

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You will have to cooperate to overcome the many missions that the park offers.
You will have to cooperate to overcome the many missions that the park offers. (©Schroninger Studio)

But the most memorable part will definitely beOrbis Quest, an immersive 2-hour journey which will give players the impression that they are experiencing a movie from the inside. Up to 8 players can participate. From the start, they will be teleported to the other side of the world and have to go through 6 immersive environments during an intense story full of twists and turns. Purpose? Explore, avoid dangers, escape from enemies and find allies to finally accomplish the assigned mission.

Finally, for those who wish to sit around a table, head to the gaming bar located at adventurer’s lounge. In the menu, until 500 different games are available unlimited. On site, facilitators help players choose from the large number of boxes, explain the rules and accompany the players.

A restaurant and bar to travel to the four corners of the world

Between the two missions, groups of friends and families can meet in the catering area with an area of ​​1000 m². The place has a restaurant and a bar with decorations that will make you travel. Located in the temple of Orbis, the restaurant offers four different areas: a cozy lounge, the gardens under the pergola, the bivouac and the terrace.

At the bar, you can sip a signature cocktail created by the house mixologists. Also on the menu, a wide selection of beers, wines, soft drinks and tapas that can be ordered to accompany wild games in the games bar.

It will be possible to play and tap on the game bar.
It will be possible to play and tap on the game bar. (©Schroninger Studio)

On the entertainment side, a dozen events are already planned for the general public with a calendar to be announced after the opening. Orbis Lille-Tourcoing teams are also available to companies and individuals for the organization of personal (birthday parties) and professional (meetings, seminars) events.

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