The work of the tourist offices Creuse recognized at a public price

It was a bumpy road to get him up. After several years spent convincing all territories to participate, the Creuse Tourisme website has received national recognition.

During the 18th edition of the National Meetings of E-tourism in Pau, the first prize, that of the public, in honor of the innovative digital shares went to Creuse, from about forty selected files. What better way to confirm the need to “play the team”.

At the end of 2018, the site was just an idea. After a long process, the site went online at the end of 2019 with four tourist offices: Aubusson-Felletin, Creuse Sud-Ouest, Marche and Combraille in Aquitaine and Creuse Confluence. Since then, six more have joined them, in the same order they appear in the site’s navigation bar. The last ones were added this summer. These are Monts et Rivières Ouest Creuse and Monts de Guéret.

“Sometimes it takes a while for things to move forward,” notes Catherine Defemme, who became president of Creuse Tourisme last year.

It is a progressive work, we are happy to see the evolution and now to prove that we are able to be innovative in Creuse when we all go in the same direction.

Catherine Defemme

And the National E-Tourism Meetings competition has enabled various office managers to identify with this hurdle overcome in Creuse. “We have become an example for similar territories, with their unification problems,” enthuses Graziella Penot, communications manager for Creuse Tourisme who visited the site. “We’re not used to getting so much attention, but we’re enjoying it?! »

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Graziella Penot (Creuse Tourism) shows her most beautiful end of the world

And Alice Dehureaux, Director of the Creuse Sud Ouest Tourist Office, was amused: “Did we bring the cup home? She accompanied Graziella Penot to the National E-Tourism Meetings and spoke alongside her “in less than three minutes, in front of 800 people”.

Conductor wire?? “The twisted metaphor of marriage, with its ups and downs, to speak of the compromises necessary for everyone’s presence on the page.”

Federate around the destination “Creuse”.

“When a tourist comes, for him, he comes to Creuse. Not in Bénévent-l’Abbaye,” justifies Justine Bataille, director of the Monts et Rivières Ouest Creuse Tourist Office. For Delphine Paulhan, communications officer at the Creuse Confluence Tourist Office, “the idea is to take advantage of Creuse’s reputation in global research, the web traffic is greater at the department level.”

Nine things that annoyed us in Creuse this summer

The same “front door”, the same house, but each room has its own logo: the information is managed by the offices. The representatives of the ten territories meet once a month to think about the content.

And the site continues to complement its offer. “No redundancy between some media either thanks to online bookings and work to unify customer relations and information e-mails – a good idea for the planet.”

The technological base is good with its adapted mobile version, for an investment paid 50% by Creuse Tourisme and 50% by the ten partners. To celebrate each of the participants at the Creuse Tourisme site, the trophy will be passed from office to office.

Charlotte Mathiot

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