The Metaverse Alliance Is Born, Sandbox Co-Founder Tells By

© Reuters – It’s called OMA3, the Zurich-born association, and its core members include some of the biggest and most innovative names in the industry, such as Animoca Brands, Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, MetaMetaverse, SPACE Metaverse, SuperWorld, The Sandbox . , Upland, Voxels, Unstoppable Domains and Wivity.

During the Lisbon Web Summit 2022, the co-founder and COO of (Sebastian Borget) talked to us about Metaverse, the collaborations that are happening and how he sees this innovative and special world.

About Web3

“An association was born to create an all-encompassing Metaverse, it’s called OMA3to create technical standards within the Metaverse, to date the Metaverse is still very fragmented, with several different projects, and we had the idea to give a voice to the users by bringing together several realities that could have a single voice, together we are strong!

Within the “open” Metaverse, digital assets flow freely between OMA3 virtual worlds, benefiting from greater security and asset traceability between worlds. By creating common standards, users can transport the digital objects they own across metaverses, creating a universe of interconnected virtual worlds that prioritizes user experience and ownership over platform dominance and censorship.

It is not only a simple representation of transporting one’s possessions from one world to another, but also a means of not losing one’s memories, history, and nature when moving from one world to another.

There are four groups organized and divided according to the tasks to be performed.

  • The first group deals with the transfer of assets (NFTs, identities, accounts) between different Metaverses (creating transfer standards that require different technologies).
  • The second group deals with portals and mapping, trying to develop solutions that allow the creation of round-trip portals to move between worlds.
  • The third group will be of a legal nature and will deal with data protection, GDPR and in general all matters of a regulatory nature of the environment.
  • The fourth group will be related to the ecosystem in general, responsible for relations between partners and all matters of a relational nature.

The success of this new alliance is determined in two ways, the first in technical articles published and placed online and the second is related to the number of users and companies that will use it, such as the number of avatars that will move between worlds. for example.

Among the questions asked was the current situation of Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: ), a very underperforming tech company that has specialized in the Metaverse for some time (the stock is down nearly 70% from its highs) and that how OMA3 aims to overcome this “Metaverse winter” by leveraging new technologies…

To which Sarojini McKenna, CEO and co-founder of Dacoco (seated next to Borget) replied:

“We are trying to define together a new category, a new technology, and users are experiencing a new way of interacting with the Internet and other users within the metaverse. I think it will be interesting for users to test this way of cloud of content interaction where users will be co-owners and entrepreneurs, and users respond very well by creating their own assets, games, we’ve tested this as well and it’s a model that wins the mix between identity and content.

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