The first edition of Prox’Raid Aventure in Maurepas to promote citizenship among young people

Bois Gymnasium in Maurepas and its surroundings were transformed this Friday, November 4. And for good reason: a Prox’ Raid Aventure was run by Raid Aventure.
it volunteer police association first came to Maurepas and offered numerous devices to break down prejudices about their profession. Alongside them were the municipal police, firefighters and local associations.

First edition in Maurepas

This proposed event youth from 7 to 25 years old was organized by the municipality, the Rotary Club of Montfort-Amaury-Houdan and the State.

“We are near the priority neighborhood of the city, Friçe. We noticed some incivility and wanted to take action. Prevention is very important and I think it is necessary from a young age to avoid bad habits or decisions. We must avoid the prison box”

Remy LemattreMunicipal councilor responsible for risk prevention and also prison manager for over 30 years.

About 100 young people participated in this Prox’Raid Aventure and its various workshops: boxing, climbing or even techniques and police courses.

“We were creeped out by their clothing. It has weight and is realistic because the police wear it during demonstrations,” says Thomas, 13, after taking part in the police course. “It was sporty but very good! adds Lucas, who lives in the neighborhood of Les Friches.

Their friend, Bastien, had a preference for climbing, an outdoor activity. “I didn’t go on vacation, there were good activities here,” he says.

Move from disbelief to faith

A little further on, other activities were offered: scooter simulator, virtual reality film on road safety, etc.

“Insolence begins at the wheel with a lot of refusal to comply. We demystify controls with these attitudes. We need to bring the police and the population closer and thus move from distrust to trust. This operation is part of the strategy for crime control and prevention.

Florence GilbertSubprefect of the district of Rambuje.
Clément climbed to a height of 30 m with the firefighters present at Prox’Raid Aventure in Maurepas. (©Manon Varaldo)

the firemen More and more are also affected by insolence: spitting in operations, throwing shells… Firefighters recalled their actions. For the children’s enjoyment. “It was very impressive to be on top of their ladder, 30 meters high. From up there, it looked like a view from a drone! “says Clément, 15 years old.

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Talk to law enforcement

Another activity attracted many young people: laser shooting.

Laser shooting was one of the youth's favorite stands during this Prox'Raid Adventure.
Laser shooting was one of the youth’s favorite stands during this Prox’Raid Adventure. (©Manon Varaldo)

“It’s an introduction to sport shooting. We explain to the children in which context the police can use the weapon and what self-defense is. We call the emergency numbers in case of danger”, explains Florence, a member of the Raid Aventure association and a police officer since 2006.

The young people seem satisfied share it with law enforcement, and thus break stereotypes. “It’s cute. I liked it. They showed us how the police handcuffed, removing the sleeve and paying attention to the bones,” says a Maurepasien who learned about the event from Tridim, the youth structure in Maurepas.

Quentin, Rémy Lamattre and Pascale Denis, elected delegate for Youth and Politics for the city of Maurepas.
(From left to right) Quentin Gourdin, member of the Raid Aventure association for ten years; Rémy Lemattre, municipal councilor responsible for risk prevention and also prison manager for more than 30 years, and Pascale Denis, elected delegate for youth and policies for the city of Maurepas. (©Manon Varaldo)

“What young people hear here, they will remember for the rest of their lives. Through these seminars, we bring a different perspective to law enforcement. It is a great success. Young people want to do all the stands and this arouses their curiosity and therefore the dialogue with us, rejoices Quentin Gourdin, member of the association Raid Aventure for ten years. We hope to settle permanently in Yvelines. This department has a diverse population, the mix is ​​interesting. »

A message heard from the municipality. “The operation will certainly be repeated”, assures, smiling, the mayor of Maurepas, Grégory Garestier.

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