The 2023 Rugby World Cup train stops in Clermont-Ferrand

It was unthinkable that the 2023 Rugby World Cup train would not pass through Clermont-Ferrand, rugby is such an integral part of Clermont life. For two days – this Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November – the Clermont-Ferrand station will be shaking for what the world of ovals is looking forward to, the World Cup in France.

The famous Webb Ellis Trophy. Photo by Francis Campagnoni.

Connecting the public with rugby

This initiative launched by the French Rugby Federation in partnership with SNCF has already passed in 48 cities, as close as possible to clubs, fans and ordinary spectators. The purpose of this tour is to connect the general public with this extraordinary event. “Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a rugby player or not. We especially welcome schoolchildren,” explains Pierre Millet, director of the Saint-Étienne World Cup area.

The big draw of the train was virtual reality which allows you to experience a match as if you were there. Photo by Francis Campagnoni.

Young or old, everyone will have the chance to immerse themselves in the Blues’ first game at the Stade de France, thanks to virtual reality. A unique experience that will give you chills. In machine 2, the World Cup project is presented, but also several initiatives, such as the clash of choirs that aim to teach school students the anthems of the nations involved in the tournament to sing them later in stadiums, or even XV of gastronomy.

premium On the occasion of the passing of the World Cup train in Aurillac, Roméo Gontinéac opens his book of memories of the competition

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The Webb Ellis Trophy as the highlight of the show

The journey then continues with car 3 featuring the jerseys of the various qualified teams as well as their World Cup careers. The Last Car revisits the history of the competition through anecdotes and mythical objects. The highlight of the show is the presence of the legendary Webb Ellis Cup, which has been awarded to the winner since 1987.

The course allows you to retrace the history of the World Cup. Photo by Francis Campagnoni.

Proof that the World Cup resonates all over the world, we also encountered a few Englishmen who no doubt came to take inspiration from the legendary French flair.

The Rugby World Cup stops in Aurillac (Cantal), to the delight of the fans

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