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The PICO 4 is available for purchase, starting at €429.

With the Christmas holidays approaching, finding a high-tech gift can be a headache. With PICO, peace of mind is assured: PICO 4 is the ideal gift. This new generation offers a lightweight all-in-one VR headset that aims to make virtual reality accessible to everyone by combining comfort and performance.

Equipped with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon XR2 chip, the PICO 4 features a lightweight structure, Pancake lens as well as a 4K+ resolution display for an intuitive user experience. Pioneering the next generation of VR hardware, the new PICO headset makes the unreal real, with a more vivid and immersive VR experience.

PICO 4 is available from October 18 in thirteen European countries, as well as Japan and Korea, with a planned launch in Singapore and Malaysia by the end of the year.

“We are excited to announce that PICO 4 is our best VR headset to date,” said Henry Zhou, President of PICO. “We are proud to offer our users truly immersive and interactive VR experiences, and PICO 4 has even more diverse content in the areas of gaming, fitness and video. »

Increased comfort

Compact and lightweight, PICO 4 weighs just 295g without the strap, making it the lightest VR headset PICO has ever made. This impressive lightness is achieved through the use of smaller and lighter lenses in PICO 4’s Pancake lens, reducing the thickness of the body to just 35.8mm at its thinnest part.

The PICO 4 has adjustable straps and uses SuperSkin fabric for the lining of the pad, a unique material that has breathable properties, allowing users to stay cool and dry. Non-slip PU leather on the back of the headset adds even more comfort and control.

The PICO 4 is equipped with a battery that offers up to three hours of use, as well as modern fast charging capabilities. The model also features TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certification and a counterweight design, ensuring comfort during long games. The ergonomic design of the headset also allows for the use of a goggle slot in the box, giving users who wear glasses the ability to fully immerse themselves in their VR world without compromising comfort or clarity.

Access to more and more content

PICO 4 offers users a large library of content through the PICO Store, covering the categories of games, fitness and video and social environment. Additional content is also available on Steam VR.

To meet users’ growing interest in tracking their fitness, PICO 4 features the PICO Fitness program which further simplifies progress tracking. Users can thus view historical VR game data as well as their energy expenditure through VR motion tracking. In addition, PICO 4 can recommend certain exercises to users based on their goals. Fitness content includes Les Mills Body Combat, All-in-One Summer Sports VR and Just Dance VR, part of an exclusive partnership with Ubisoft, slated for 2023.

PICO 4 also offers a wide gaming experience, with popular content such as Peaky Blinders The King’s Ransom, Ultimechs or The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution. Additionally, PICO 4 will partner with Wave, the global leader in virtual entertainment, to bring fans immersive and cutting-edge music experiences.

“The launch of PICO 4 is a huge milestone for us, reflecting our efforts to connect players around the world through immersive multiplayer content. said Paul Brady, co-founder and President of Resolution Games. “With PICO’s help, we’ve ensured that our most important games – from the new competitive game Ultimechs to Demeo, our award-winning co-op adventure – are available on PICO 4 from day one and which is sure to be a fast-growing market.”

Other content is planned in the fields of fitness, gaming, video and social networking. This includes the groundbreaking PICO Worlds project, which will arrive in 2023 to provide a more realistic physical interaction experience by implementing an avatar-like system capable of recognizing over 80 dimensions, as well as exclusive documentaries in partnership with Discovery. Channel.

Pioneering performance technology

With four SLAM cameras neatly placed around the thin frame of the HMD (head mounted display – helmet), the PICO 4 enables high-precision tracking and mapping of the environment, while maintaining a sleek design. Under the hood of the HMD hides a powerful 16 MP RGB camera, which produces vivid colors. PICO 4 is powered by the Snapdragon®™ XR2 platform, which offers a good balance between performance and power consumption.

The PICO 4 also boasts unparalleled visual quality thanks to its 90Hz refresh rate, 4K+ display and 1200 PPI. Paired with a 5300 mAh rear battery that supports the latest Qualcomm Quick Charge QC 3.0 industry standard, PICO 4 is designed to let users relax and enjoy an uninterrupted journey through virtual worlds with confidence that the headset their VR will provide.

The PICO 4 controllers are especially equipped with a rotating arc column of reasonably located infrared sensors. Given their design and structural strength, the controllers allow users to bring their hands together with ease, while enjoying additional protection through contact detection and spatial orientation features. PICO 4 controllers also support 6DoF, which allows users to experience a greater degree of movement in the virtual environment, and a broadband HyperSense engine for more realistic touch feedback.

An enhanced VR experience with PICO accessories

A whole range of accessories are compatible with the PICO 4, including the PICO Fitness wristband which enables effective monitoring of lower body movements, a case for easy transport and wireless dongles for stable transmission in any environment. All available by 2023, these accessories offer consumers a more complete and smoother VR experience.

Price and availability

PICO 4 is available from just €429. European members of the Neo3 Link Beta program have the opportunity to pre-order PICO 4 from September 23 through Bestware, VR Expert, XR Shop and System Active.

Pre-orders have been open to the general public since October through Amazon, Mediamarkt and Saturn, Elkjop, The Very Group and Coolblue.

About PICO

Founded in March 2015, PICO is a leading virtual reality company with independent innovation and R&D capabilities, focusing on the immersive VR headset market. Underpinning a mission to connect, enrich lives, and unleash infinity, PICO is committed to building an integrated XR platform that inspires community and empowers developers, creators, and businesses.

To learn more, visit picoxr.com

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