NFTs, a revolution equal to Bitcoin?

The highs and lows – Whilecrypto winter continues to fall into our wallets, positive speeches on cryptocurrencies and so-called web 3 technologies are auspicious. They would even warm our hearts. Indeed, many leaders and influential players in the cryptographic world have been questioned aboutthe future of NFTs. Their unanimous responses praise the merits of NFTs and even predict that in the future, they will be as disruptive as Bitcoin: the king of cryptocurrencies. Explanations!

When Bitcoin and NFT appear greyed out

This is no surprise to anyone. Right now the markets are gloomy. of Bitcoin (BTC) has lost more than 60% of its value in a few months. L’Ether (ETH) took the same direction and other altcoins are struggling to survive.

In this nightmare, NFT also followed the fall of cryptocurrencies and larger collections of NFTs, such as those of Bored Ape Yacht Club and many others, have also seen their value drops by more than 99% .

So is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

NFTs follow cryptocurrencies in free fall

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All bullish for NFTs…

Influential players in the crypto space seem quite convinced otherwise. and if NFTlike Bitcoin 10 years ago, were revolutionary ?

Here’s what THINK Jonathan Miller, managing director of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken in Australia. Despite the drop in prices that has affected the markets, the entrepreneur remains confident and optimistic for the non-tradable token market.

According to him, this current lack of interest in immutable arguments would be almost natural. Like the Internet in the 90s, NFTs are a novelty “As disruptive as Bitcoin 10 years ago”. To which J. Miller adds:

“(…) Despite the slowdown in NFT market activity and sales volume in September, we are still seeing positive signals of adoption at the institutional level and continued growth in use cases. »

On the Road to NFT and Cryptocurrency Adoption?

However, Jonathan Miller’s enthusiasm should be taken with a grain of salt. L’“Nightmare user experience” (whether for cryptocurrencies or NFTs) remains a stumbling block for the neophyte. This way, Mason Edwardsdirector of the foundation Tezossupports the words of his colleague and underlines the instability of Internet technologies 3:

“We are not yet at a point of maturity in the NFT market. We’re still going to see people buying a stone for $1 million.”

Thus, like Bitcoin, the disruptive arrival of NFTs will not happen without a storm. So even if in the current state of things, NFTs and Bitcoin are going through turbulent times, internet technologies 3 never stop attracting many giants of traditional finance. In this way, padapted to the macroeconomic context that we are going through investing in crypto and NFT may be a solution for the future.

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