NFT Tamadoge Collection was ranked #1 in OpenSea

OpenSea tomadog rankings

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tamadoge It recently caused a stir with investors in the crypto ecosystem after it completed its pre-sale raising nearly $19 million. The NFT Collection also enjoyed a significant increase in value with an initial price of $0.03, which peaked at $0.194. Now, Tamadoge’s collection of ultra-rare NFTs has achieved the feat of jumping to the #1 ranking on OpenSea, demonstrating how successful the project can be across all spaces of the crypto ecosystem.

What is Tamadog?

Tamadoge is a crypto project that aims to reshape the current crypto gaming landscape by creating an NFT-based game that would be more engaging and satisfying than the competition, all while emphasizing gameplay over mechanics, recurring wins, and honestly not interesting.

Tamadog Splash
Tamadoge Splash (

At the heart of the Tamadoge game, there is a unique metaverse known as the Tamaverse. Within this virtual world, players can explore or interact with each other in addition to seeing their Tamadog pets animated in 3D. Note that these are collectable pet types. Each Tamadog pet is marked in the form of an NFT, making it easier for players to sell, buy and simply trade them with each other. Tamadog pets can also be upgraded.

In order to earn Dogepoints and climb the leaderboard, players can train their Tamadog pet and equip it with items obtained through the platform shop. The higher a player ranks, the bigger the reward received. This prompts players to purchase items from the Tamadogen Shop, which also results in a 5% revenue burn.

NFT Tamadog Collection

October 6 marks the release of Tamadogen’s first official NFT collection. The series features 100 Tamadoge Pets NFTs of extremely rare quality, with stunning artwork. Note that in addition, they add in-game bonuses such as stat boosts. This collection was a huge hit with investors, indeed it climbed to number one on OpenSea before moving to the trending tab. It also benefits from a substantial price floor set at 8 ETH.

Rare tomadog NFTs
Tamadoge Rare NFTs (

However, if you are unable to get any of these NFTs during the auction, don’t worry. The release of another collection of nearly 1,000 rare quality Tamadog NFTs is scheduled for Monday, October 17th, with an auction running until October 24th. This collection will also be followed by the release of 20,000 normal quality NFTs, which will give investors another chance to get their hands on a Tamadog pet.

In addition to providing its owners with a great investment opportunity as well as a character for the Tamadoge arcade games, owners of Tamadoge Pet with Ultra Rare, Rare or Normal quality will receive a free puppy version. ) of their NFT, which will be usable in the main Tamadogen game once it is released.

Although the TAMA token enjoyed outstanding performance, it should also be noted that the ultra-rare NFT collection also showed equally impressive results. Based on the project’s latest progress, it seems nothing can stop Tamadogen’s success.


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