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The immutable tokens, or NFTs you hear about everywhere, will soon become an integral part of our lives. It’s a short story advanced technology that will shake ours customs and our behaviors. This may seem extremely far from us and yet today an impressive number Make are working on their NFT strategy.

NFTs, a true ecosystem

NFT is just a line of code in a named network blockchain. The important thing is not so much to understand this, but to see all the possibilities that this technology offers. Indeed, you use the internet every day and yet no one knows how it works and it is the same here.

NFT is actually a type of digital certificate of authenticity. Actually in digital it is a bit complicated to prove the property and prove the origin of a work, a text, a song. How, when it can be copied and pasted countless times and sent around the world, prove it’s yours work, your song, your lyrics or even and soon your degree? Well, linking this line of code to what you want to validate. We will not explain to you technically how it happens, but we will try to make you understand them communal services.

Who are non-exchangeable tokens for?

When Page was born, many people did not understand anything about it. It took years for the entire population to die out. Today the Internet is an integral part of our way of life. When it comes to NFTs, the story is somewhat the same. In a few years, the whole society will use NFT, Blockchain and Web3 because it is simply the extension of the WEB as we know it today.

So NFTs will be used every day by all of us, and very soon, because the acceleration process is much faster today than 15 years ago. Information goes to a speed dazzled at home, all equipped with several screens and 5G.

The importance of NFTs for your business

NFTs can have a real impact on your success business. It is quite possible to raise money, develop your community, connect your physical or digital product to an NFT that will allow you to stay in personal contact and privileged with your customer, to protect your product from counterfeiting, publish a serial number certified by an NFT, create special advantages for holders and use them as a memberto use NFT as an entry ticket to your parties or private dinners, in short, many uses to imagine for your business as long as you need the advantages of Blockchain: Transparenttraceability, timestamp, immediate.

Do you want to know more about this universe and understand why it is important to consider integrating these new technologies into your business strategy?

Find Benjamin Boutin Sparkproducer and host of NFT Business Podcast AND Blockchain Trainer – NFT on November 18 and 19 during SHE Active he will explain to you how to be aware of these innovations.


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