In Dreux-Vernouillet, why are these places (still) deprived of fiber optics?

The results shown are good: 90.1% fiber optic coverage in Dreux; 96.9% in Vernouillet. In the first municipality, Orange is in charge, according to an agreement signed with the Municipality in 2016.

“Our initial commitment was to equip 13,192 homes and professional premises. We’ve far exceeded that as of today, handling 16,352 or 25% more.”

Benoit Colleville (Director Orange in charge of relations with local authorities in the department)

In Vernouillet, the Eure-et-Loir Numérique Open Mixed Syndicate (SMO), led by Jacques Lemare, was responsible for the settlement, which now has 5,413 houses and associated premises.

premium Fiber optic: what is the level of coverage in your commune in Eure-et-Loir?

Despite these good results, like everywhere else, there are holes in the racket. In Dreux, 430 homes remain inaccessible to fiber, according to Orange, including 54 addresses in the Prod’homme district.

In Vernouillet, this concerns in particular part of the Frévents district (rue des Alpes, rue des Cévennes, etc.) but also an old farm converted into social housing, rue d’Allainville, in the Bois-le-Roi district . Because regardless of fiber placement, other obstacles can stand in the way of very high speeds.

Here are some scenarios.

1/ Jobs puzzle: the old farm of Bois-le-Roi

“I’ve been waiting four years for fiber optic to come down the road. I’m a nursing student, I have to juggle my kids because we can’t all use the internet at the same time…”

Fanny (one of the tenants of the old farm, rue d’Allainville)

Works at the expense of the lessor

However, on paper, the fiber is set. But in fact, there is still work to be done on the old farmyard so that all the flats can be connected. And they are the responsibility of the owner, here social landlords. Fanny and the other tenants claim to have contacted La Roseraie, to do this long-awaited job…

“We have not received requests from tenants to connect. Whenever we have been contacted, we have always responded positively. Fiber is a logical evolution of means of communication. We will redo a point with digital Eure-et-Loir in this file.

Philippe Reau (General manager of HLM de La Roseraie.)

2/ Technical problem: Frévents district in Vernouillet

At the entrance to the Frévents district in Vernouillet, the fiber installation from Eure-et-Loir digital suffered technical damage. “The galls were mixed with electrical cables, which was very dangerous,” says Jacques Lemare, president of Eure-et-Loir digital.

The result: no fiber without security pre-work.

“The city has invested 60,000 euros and the work has been completed.”

Damien Stepho (Mayor Vernouillet)

All that’s missing is the famous fiber: “The whole Frévents district is now equipped. Now it’s up to the operators (SFR, Orange, Free, Bouygues, etc.) to open up to marketing. It’s a matter of weeks…”, he replies. Jacques Lemare of Eure-et-Loir Numérique.

3/ The failure of urban renewal: the Prod’homme district in Dreux

In Prod’homme, the exclusion of fiber is experienced as a profound injustice by the inhabitants of this popular district of Dreux. Especially since it only concerns three routes: Félix-Dramard, Gustave-Duchesne and Théodore-Chenay.

Fiber stops at the corner of Theodore Chenay Street.

premium In Dreux, residents of Prod’homme “excluded” from fiber optics

The problem of time and transmission

Why ? It is a collateral lack of major urban renewal projects. Initially, the social housing in these three streets would be razed before being rebuilt. So, in the meantime, no fiber deployment agreement had been signed between Orange, the HLM Habitat-Drouais office and the City. Problem, meanwhile, the renewal project has been abandoned, without reactivating the fiber file with Orange.

A problem of time and transmission between services that residents pay for today:

“We are thinking about the upward movement along the facades during the first half of 2023.”

Sebastien Leroux (assistant for infrastructure, before handing over his delegation to Lydie Guérin)

But for this transition to the facades, the agreement of all the owners on the fiber route will be necessary. And there, too, nothing is less certain…

automatic fiber. In new builds, fiber placement is automatic. This will be the case especially for the real estate projects under development in Dreux and Vernouillet (Bas-Buissons, etc.).

Helene Jaffiol

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