IBAT listing on MEXC Global, price explosion to come?

In early November, Battle Infinity (IBAT) continues to receive a lot of attention from the crypto market. The platform focused on the concept of metaverse and the Play to Earn mechanism has just announced the listing of IBAT, namely its native token, on a new crypto exchange platform called MEXC Global for Tuesday, November 8 at 06:00 UTC. This is IBAT’s second listing on a major centralized exchange (CEX).

Back to the features of Battle Infinity and IBAT token

Battle Infinity is building an ecosystem dedicated to fantasy sports, namely a type of game in which participants form imaginary teams made up of avatars of real players of a professional sport.

This ecosystem will initially focus on the Indian Premier League, which is the biggest cricket league in the world. The platform will compete with other fantasy sports apps such as Dream 11 for example showing more than 100 million downloads.

Considering the huge opportunity represented by the fantasy sports market on a global scale, Battle Infinity’s India-based development team has been working hard to deliver a quality product as quickly as possible. Note that betting system is already available, allowing IBAT token holders to enjoy a 25% APY.

The IBAT listing on MEXC Global will take place on Tuesday, November 8 at 06:00 UTC.

It was last August that IBAT began trading on exchange platforms, initially with its listing on the Changing pancakes, and ultimately significant returns for investors with a posted increase of nearly 700%. And after that, another 100% increase came with the listing on LBank, a Hong Kong-based crypto exchange.

It is likely to imagine that listing on MEXC will have a positive effect on the price of the IBAT token considering that MEXC is 19 centralized crypto exchange platform in terms of 24-hour trading volume, with a value of 1.7 billion dollars according to data from CoinMarketCap.

To mark the occasion of this listing, MEXC hosted an airdrop of 8.25 million IBAT tokens. Don’t hesitate to sign up MEXC Global and try to get one of the 600 winning tickets and other prizes available.

Battle Infinity aims to dominate the fantasy sports sector and the crypto gaming market

Although Battle Infinity focuses on cricket for its first sport, the platform doesn’t stop there. There are already plans to integrate all major sports, from the biggest soccer leagues around the world English Premier League passing through basketball with National Basketball League in the USA.

The project will also draw on the metaverse to transfer the format of fantasy leagues, so far relatively static, into a virtual reality experience that can take place in a stadium, so that it is as much as possible. immersion possible.

Also, Battle Infinity distinguishes itself from other Play to Earn games as Axie Infinity for example due to its approach, the latter relies mainly on talent and aims not to have a game as monotonous as that of competitors.

Using the power of NFTs and blockchain technology, Battle Infinity pushes the concept of fantasy sports to the next level by allowing users to monetize their knowledge and skills.

According to data from CoinGecko, the sector GameFi is estimated with 6.4 billion dollars in terms of total market capitalization. Moreover, games account for 60% of the total activity of decentralized applications. Moreover, according to McKinsey analysts metaverse presents an opportunity for him 5 trillion dollars until 2030.

If you want to know more about Battle Infinity, do not hesitate to consult project website and I tweet and the server telegram official.

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