How the internet has changed the way we consume

After watching 10 ways the internet is changing the world, let’s take a closer look at our new way of consuming thanks to the web. From online shopping, a lost bet, to new gaming platforms, expand our new ways of consumption with the Internet.

E-commerce, buying the product without touching it

The very idea of ​​buying a product visible only on the screen was strange to the first users of the Internet. Trust had not yet been built between major e-commerce platforms like Amazon. If distribution already existed through paper magazines like La Redoute, it was not yet as democratized as it is today.

With an impressive selection, fast delivery and often very attractive prices, e-commerce has gradually imposed itself on the minds of consumers as a normal solution for buying the products we need. Additionally, with food delivery or shopping platforms, many city dwellers use the Internet for their daily shopping or for a meal. Here again, the choice and accessibility of applications on smartphones are the main arguments to highlight this new way of consumption.

If a consumer in the 1950s were told that they could buy their clothes, groceries, household appliances and whatever else they wanted without leaving their sofa, all in a matter of minutes, they would probably not believe it.

Even beyond shopping, the Internet has opened up opportunities for other industries, including the entertainment industry, which has experienced an unprecedented revolution. The field of video games, for example, has exploded in recent years.

Video game, a democratization that changes everything

In the field of entertainment, video games have become the leader. The reason is simple, with the Internet new types of games have appeared and access to them has increased greatly.

With the success of smartphones, everyone found themselves with a game console in their pocket. These are global hits like the sweet empire of Candy Crush which prove that a new audience has been affected by this evolution of video games.

But even more, the platforms seem to summarize useful information for Internet users and avoid a very long web search. Steam, for example, offers thousands of games that are automatically verified by the platform. Therefore, the player does not have to search for game keys in the vastness of the Internet, everything is done automatically by downloading this program.

But the Internet above all has been able to convert old games into digital format, thus guaranteeing a new market and even greater popularity. On the Internet, for example, it is possible to play casino games, something that simply did not exist before the advent of the Internet.

But this area inevitably brings fears to consumers about the fairness of the game or the safety of the sites. This is why platforms like Vegas Slots Online are preferred by casino players. By doing the verification work up front, the platform gives players time savings and peace of mind that may be missing online. of online casino reviews therefore provide an honest and unbiased view of sites and games to internet users in order to better guide them to what suits them best.

A recipe that we find more and more in the world of video games, but also elsewhere. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney+ are surfing this new way of consumption. With a catalog that adapts to your tastes, à la carte availability and original programming, the world of cinema and television is completely upset by these changes. Today, waiting a week between each episode of a hit series seems downright strange. This is because even here the Internet has transformed the way we consume movies, series and shows.

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