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On the occasion of Paris Games Weekthe co-founder of Women in Games France received the honorary award of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters from the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul-Malak, this Thursday, November 3. Former game designer at Quantic Dream and producer at Ubisoft, she founded the independent studio The Game Bakers (Furi, Haven) in 2010 with Emeric Thoa.

in 2017, Audrey Leprince participates in the founding of Women in Games France, the French association encourages the representation of women and diversity in the world of video games. She also founded in 2019 comprehensive investment fund dedicated to the creators of the marginalized genre WINGS Interactive, together with Petter Henriksson.

The CEO of The Game Bakers was honored at PGW 2022 and recalled during her acceptance speech the importance of the responsibility that now falls on creators to have a positive and constructive impact on the people who play games, to create a more inclusive world. Audrey Leprince joins the long list of women in video games honored in recent years. like Jeanne Rousseau (Chevalier of the National Order of Merit in 2021), Muriel Tramis (Légion d’Honneur in 2018) or even three designers last March.

Six video game figures on the 2022 Women of Culture list

Front row from left to right: Marie Blondiaux, Anne Devouassoux, Hélène Henry
Second row from left to right: Pia-Victoria Jacqmart, Chloé Jarry, Céline Tricart

Also, just like last year, the Women of Culture structure also selected female personalities from the video game industry in the 4th edition of 100 Women of Culture. A total of 6 women were honored: Marie Blondiaux, Anne Devouassoux, Hélène Henry, Pia-Victoria Jacqmart, Chloé Jarry and Céline Tricart.

  • Marie Blondiaux, appointed Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters by Roselyne Bachelot in March 2022, is a Producer at Red Corner and Managing Director as well as co-founder of video game studio COVEN. She also worked at the Ministry of Culture promoting digital heritage and was a development assistant at BBC Worldwide.
  • Anne Devouassoux is the production director at video game development studio Kylotonn. She is also co-founder of the association Women in Games France and First Vice-President in charge of social affairs with SNJV (Syndicat National du Jeu Vidéo), as well as founder and CEO of Granitic Games.
  • Hélène Henry holds the role of Narrative Director at DONTNOD, an independent video game developer and publisher whose creations are strong and immersive narrative experiences, having been a Producer and then a VR Designer at Ubisoft for 9 years. She is also the screenwriter of the role-playing games Nephilim, Le Cabinet des Murmures and Vermin 2047.
  • Pia Victoria Jacqmart is the Game Director at video game development studio Lightbulb Crew. After studying modern literature, she was a journalist for 14 years before joining video game development as a screenwriter for the ISART DIGITAL Paris school as well as the development studios Accidental Queens, Flying Oak Games and Cyanide.
  • Co-founder and CEO of immersive and interactive production company Lucid Realities, Chloe Jarry was previously New Media Producer for Camera Lucida. At the same time, she is the executive producer of several virtual reality projects: The Enemy and Replay Memories.
  • A major figure in the French video game industry and Knight of the Arts and Letters medalist in March 2022 by Roselyne Bachelot, Celine Tricart defines herself as a multidisciplinary director. President of video game studio COVEN and production company Lucid Dreams, she notably produced Sun Ladies and The Key, two films made using virtual and augmented reality technologies.

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