A Vitréenne created EntreArtisans, a website for construction professionals

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Created in 2021, Among the Artisans Is one platform for connecting construction business leaders to find operational resources in overload or underload situations.

“I created this platform with the idea of ​​my husband, who is a craftsman. We have regularly noticed problems of irregularities in the activity, especially due to delays in the construction site”, he explains Christelle Georget, Who lives Window for 10 years.

Make up for a drop in activity

For those who have been immersed in the digital world for 15 years, the solution has been found.

“The objective is to help companies and play with their profit. There are unforeseen events in the building all the time. Be it due to equipment, staff or weather. For VSEs, when there is a change, it breaks everything. Craftsmen must constantly juggle construction site delays. “Especially at a time when” deliveries of complicated materials create significant holes in the schedules”.

But in this environment “we can’t afford it”. “So the idea is that lend a hand to businesses that are overwhelmed when we recognize a hole in our activity. In addition, craftsmen prefer to work together because of their practice, their technique and their common training. »

Help each other at a time T

“The philosophy of the platform is mutual aid, problem solving and profitability. It’s a win-win. The platform has worked with lawyers to provide a secure legal framework for the parties. These are subcontracts or staffing agreements.

“It is completely legal. The user company pays the lending company wages and expenses. However, the latter should not be a difference. During Covid, many companies put this in the Vitré sector. »

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Search engine

Digitizing the service, “was the most suitable process”, says Christelle Georget. Registration and consultation is free. Thanks to the search engine, craftsmen can find out which companies offer their services. The platform is then rewarded when the two companies are brought into contact.

Regarding the price, the two companies agree between themselves. “You discuss the terms of the contract and we take care of their drafting. The platform is also open to self-starting artisans.

EntreArtisans checks companies’ K-bis, ten-year warranty and URSSAF contribution updates. “The idea of ​​this concept is about frugal innovation: when we lack resources, how can we do better with less? This encourages companies to rethink their organization: there are solutions. »

Brittany and Ile-de-France

The platform, which covers Brittany and Ile-de-France, has three employees along with Christelle Georget. But she still aims to expand to cover the entire country.

“We are accelerating. The new site was created in September: it is overhauled, super simple and functional. We are constantly evolving. The mobile version will be available by the end of the year.

The platform is also looking for investors to develop its activity.

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