This is why the media doesn’t understand the potential of the metaverse

Attempting to connect…

Metaverse… “madness”, “excess”, “extravagance”. Mark Zuckerberg’s crazy project has been ridiculed. The man who did Facebook Would the world’s first social network have lost its mind? This is a fairly simple read. However, it has been widely reported in the media. Despite this heralded setback, the connected virtual world project has never been more advanced. Is metaverse really a false marketing promise?

If it’s impossible, it probably will

Let’s go back to a time when metaverse was known only by science fiction lovers. In 1997, no one would dare to imagine thisPage since they operate on the scale we know today. Impossible, experts are formal. And then, the Internet is above all a notorious digital space for terrorists, as we learn from this delicious Archive from news outlet France 2. Who could have imagined a high-definition video stream accessible from anywhere? Access information anywhere, anytime? And yet… Submarine cable, satellite networks, wifi! These infrastructures are already part of our lives without even realizing it. They allow us to access what has been considered impossible barely 20 years ago. This anecdote teaches us something: when a technology is considered absurd, useless or utopian, it is likely to gain momentum.

In France in particular it seems that the more techno is criticized, the more promising it is. Have you heard that AI will never work? Maybe one day it will be important. Are cryptocurrencies a terrible scam? It is that they must have some legitimacy. Senators do not understand these mysteries blocking chains » ? They are looking for bitcoin company headquarters to send them an email? You can be sure that their misunderstanding is a good sign. By applying this simple reverse rule, we have a better vision of what should matter in the coming years. The less a technology is understood, the more it needs to be understood potential. In this case, Meta’s project in the virtual world is one of them. For better or for worse.

Metaverse: the avatar used by Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg and his avatar. Credit: Mark Zuckerberg via him ACCOUNT Instagram.

Metaverses can feed on crises

However, there is a legitimate question about the metaverse: how this virtual infrastructure can exist, even as humanity experiences it a lack of resources and one energy crisis ? You can find the answer by observing our society every day: it has never been so connected, though climate concerns and environmental issues become central. Unfortunately, the metaverse is not at all incompatible with a chaotic world and destroyed. In his visionary film Player One willing, Steven Spielberg imagined what is very much like the idea of ​​a “metaverse”. The film shows the rise of virtual reality in a world plunged into chaos. And it is precisely for this reason that people favor it oasis, or total digital universe: because it allowsescape from a cruel reality .

Oasis is a representation of what the metaverse could be Meta.

Of course, this cynical vision is not desirable, but it remains possible. On the other hand, the development of digital technology can bring it pile of innovationsand progress, as shown This announcement of the company Meta. But let’s not lie, because the metaverse is above all a economic challenge . It is a response to our limited world, with limited resources. Thus, it is possible for the market economy to move there and start a new cycle. In our material world, endless growth is not sustainable. On the other hand, moving this frantic search for growthin a virtual world, we channel the perverse effects of capitalism and its power to harm the environment. And in this new world, cryptocurrencies can be digital vectors of this restored economy.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg entertains us with avatars with questionable graphics. See you in 2030 to take stock.

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