RIA (Calvaria), new P2E cryptocurrency could dethrone Axie Infinity: buying guide

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New cryptocurrency gaming project Calvary promises to take the industry by storm and become one of the best P2E games out there.

Axie Infinity previously held this crown, but it has had a terrible year in 2022 since its peak in late 2021. One of the main reasons for this is the $600 million hack of the Ronin Network in March.

At its peak, the Axie Infinity had approx 3 million players and a market cap of nearly $10 billion.

Players from developing countries generated more revenue than their own wages daily average.

Today, Axie Infinity’s market capitalization is approximately $850 million. For more, according to DappRadar and Footprint Analytics, the game only attracts about 15,000 players per day, and in October only 180,000 players logged into the game.

While the platform hack certainly exacerbated Axie’s problems, the player base was already dwindling before this one. Indeed, many players complained about Axie, they were especially disappointed Axie’s poor game mechanics and restrictive NFT cost.

Furthermore, Axie’s original token value, AXS, down almost 95%, falling from an all-time high of $160 to a current price of under $9. This hastened the downfall of this very promising project.

also other GameFi projects, Axie Infinity is now struggling to attract casual and traditional players to its platform.

Exactly in this context Calvaria was born with its main game Duels of Eternity. It aims to fix the problems that Axie Infinity as well as other P2E game projects have had in recent months.

Calvaria will develop P2E and F2P games

While investors saw the potential that jthe Web3 ones can offer, the player base struggles to be interested in it.

In addition to its main mode “play to win” (P2E), Calvaria will also develop a free or “free-to-play” (F2P) version of its game.

Thanks to this, the game should include different attractions in order to attract more players to it blockchain.

Developers of Calvaria identified two major obstacles preventing the mass adoption of Web3 games:

The first obstacle is the prohibitive cost of NFTs and signs that often limit access to a game before players try it.

Games such as Fortnite of course they have planned for monetization, but players can still play the full version of the game without spending anything. Note that the cost comes from upgrading weapons, skins, etc.

Lthe F2P version of Calvaria will have no such costs, and will include advertising to generate revenue. However, it will have a visible tracker which will show player how much he could have earned if he had played the full version of Duels of Eternity.

The second obstacle encountered is that some players are scared or intimidated by blockchain technology due to lack of technical knowledge.

Indeed, it should be noted that in order to play a P2E game, players must have a cryptocurrency wallet. here again, the F2P version will not require any knowledge of how blockchain works.

To help traditional and casual players, Calvaria will include playable quests in the F2P version that will teach players about the crypto space while rewarding them.

The game will also be available for download on mobile app platformswhich will make it even more accessible to casual players.

The original RIA token is currently in phase 3 of its presale which is planned in 10 stages. In just two weeks, he has already managed to raise nearly $1.5 million.

Attend the Calvaria presale

Duels of Eternity

Calvaria’s main game, Duels of Eternity, is a strategy battle card game that happens in the afterlife. Players must collect cards and face their opponents one on one.

Players can choose from one of three warring factions, each with their own characteristics and strengths. They are encouraged to use their knowledge, skills and strategy for it defeat their opponents.

Unlike competitive games, Duels of Eternity is fully 3D and includes a single-player mode where players can earn cards and boosters usable in player-versus-player mode.

Players collect and stack their deck of cards, using upgrades, power-ups and special effects to win the matches.

In the P2E version, winners are rewarded a second native token, called eRIAwhich can be used in the in-game store to upgrade cards and make card games more powerful.

Therefore, the cards are the property of the players. and are marketable.

Like Fortnite and other great Web2 games, Calvaria takes a seasonal approach to them Duels of Eternitywith new maps and upgrades available regularly over time.

The project also has a VR capability planned in its roadmap, but it should be developed later. The game is also considered perfect for eSports.

Calvaria will produce its own in-house eSports team and host other teams and players in Duels of Eternity tournaments.

Calvaria pre-sale information

As previously mentioned, Calvaria is currently in its third pre-sale phase. which is planned in 10 steps. The RIA token is currently available for $0.02 and is poised to become one of the best cryptocurrencies in the game.

During the first phase of the pre-sale, cThe token was available at $0.01. In the final phase, they will be sold at $0.055, which is a 450% increase from Phase 1 and a 175% increase from the current price.

The presale will release 300 million tokens, or 30% of the maximum supply which is calculated in one billion tokens. The game’s developers considered a hard cap of $9.75 million.

The rest of the supply is mainly divided between stock pool (25%) and the price group (20%). The remaining 25% will be split between Operations (8%), INO (6%), Team (5%), Liquidity (4%) and Advisors (2%).

Calvaria prides itself on having a fully dedicated team and already has partnerships with major centralized exchanges such as KuCoin and Gate.io for completing the presale.

How to buy RIA token

Read ours complete and detailed guide on how to buy RIA tokens during the presale or follow the short steps below:

Step 1 : Download a crypto wallet
the 2nd step : Buy ETH
Step 3 : Link to Calvaria website
Step 4 : Convert ETH to RIA
Step 5 : Recover your RIA at the end of the presale

Attend the Calvaria presale

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