PGW. Zoom: Cops but…players above all! [stand Gendarmerie]

If you have already passed the Porte de Versailles in the last few days to visit Paris Games Week, this will not have escaped you. Yes, the National Gendarmerie has a stand in this 2022 edition! The first that could suggest a simple police communications operation. However, after meeting the interested parties, we can affirm that these Gendarmes are true enthusiasts…and pure players!

PGW: National Gendarmerie, meeting with enthusiasts

At the stand of the National Gendarmerie of PGW 2022, the interest in this space, unexpected for such an event, is always full. Because, every day, many players have been there in the queue since the launch of the show last Wednesday. For two main reasons: the presence of a virtual reality device that allows you to try the terrifying GIGN beam test. But also, to try on the police outfit. And if the bulletproof vest remains relatively comfortable to wear, the helmet impresses due to its weight and the tensions it creates at neck level. Having tried on the outfit in question (image below), we can confirm that you need an extraordinary physical condition to start a sprint dressed in this way!

A true proximity approach… no pretensions!

But apart from these aspects, the gendarmes had other goals for this Paris Games Week, precisely to get closer to the public and above all to show them how close they were, after all, to them. At least on one point: their common passion, video games! Because, yes, all the gendarmes we met during our report were pure game enthusiasts. Moreover, our interlocutor (image below, in the foreground) revealed to us that the initiative of this stand was started by the players of the National Gendarmerie. We take their word for it! Especially since talking to them a bit, it’s easy to feel their love for video games. Whether it’s a Mario Kart, a League of Legends or some other software. Because, far from clichés, no, gendarmes do not spend their time playing Call of Duty or any other war game of the genre!

pgw gendarmerie

Of course, in addition to the joyful aspect and this meeting with the gendarmes, necessarily more pleasant than during an inspection or complaint, the National Gendarmerie also wants to remember that it is present “virtually”. In social networks, on the web and of course in online games. With a commendable mission, that of protecting players and internet users, through monitoring, but also the ability to listen. The idea is also to reassure victims of cyberbullying (information here), whatever they are, so that they do not hesitate to contact the competent services, whose mission remains to help them.


Spider-Man tries his hand at the GIGN beam

Dr. Strange tests the beam, via the multiverse!

PGW: The gendarmes? “a fortiori men [et des femmes] like others

For our part, to end on a more personal note, we appreciated meeting these women and men in a more relaxed, good-natured setting to discuss our shared passion. “a fortiori men [et des femmes] like others“, to quote The unknown, but without any mockery. So, yes, we invite you to visit the dedicated stand to experience a “different” and much more pleasant contact with the guardian angels of the Internet! And who knows, maybe you’ll be tempted?

Images: Mag Jeux High Tect and National Gendarmerie

Article published on 06/11/2022 at 10:55.

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