Marseille, diving into the virtual world with the launch of the metaverse academy

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(Photo by Joel Barcy)
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Launch of Metavers Academy by Renaud Muselier, Véronique Saubot, Laurent Solly (FotoJoël Barcy)

80% of jobs in 2030 are unknown

What will the world be like tomorrow? This is the big question and you better have some mental agility to answer this question. ” 80% of the jobs of 2030 are still unknown today. New technologies will represent approximately 440 billion of European GDP during the same period “, insists Laurent Solly. ” We need free trainings like these with platforms to train in new technologies and develop territorial ecosystems. It is the only way to be a leader in this region “.

Laurent Solly

“It’s not just for geeks”

Paul Bolumbu, 26, did a lot of research. After a BEP and a BAC in sales, then 7 years in the hotel and catering industry, he still hadn’t found his way. Passionate about writing and drawing, he wanted to make in ” artistic and modern “. He arrived in Simplon through the local mission to discover the development of the web in the artistic sector. ” I am finishing this first phase soon and now I want to move towards the 3D metaverse because it is a sector of the future and which is under tension. We always believe that it is reserved only for geeks, but it is false. Being a traveler, I didn’t think I could have so many opportunities “.

Paul Bolumbu

Encourage women to go digital

6,000 jobs are unfilled in digital occupations in the South region and very few women engage in training in this sector. Hardly more than 10%. Simplon tries and manages to correct the blow. ” Of the 20,000 people trained over the past 10 years, 40% are women », proudly states Véronique Saubot, General Manager of the Simplon South Region. ” We insist on the local missions or the employment center to have women because they sometimes put up barriers, limit themselves. It is up to us to convince them. Web developers, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D, app developers and designers, interface creators… we have a lot of use of these tools in healthcare, industry, construction “.

Veronique Saubot

Multiple applications

Many business leaders were present at this inauguration to take the pulse but also to exchange business cards and do their shopping with future students. Metaverse, this virtual world, offers a number of already very concrete applications, especially in terms of training. For all occupations that require face-to-face training, training is rare and often poorly experienced. You have to stand listening to a speaker, locked in a room. With the metaverse we change the universe. ” It’s a new way to look at exercise says Benjamin Atlani, co-founder of Wixar. ” For example, waste collectors are currently being trained to avoid accidents caused by scooters or bicycles because they cannot hear them. This accounts for 30% of accidents at work. So far no classical training has worked. There we put them in a context where in a quarter of an hour they face situations where they have to acquire reflexes often through games. It creates memory ink and this population is now very willing to follow this training.” Another sector aware of augmented reality: construction. »

We make digital twins in the metaverse for maintenance or construction », explains Ludovic Chaigneau from Sigmalynx. ” For example, when you choose this or that material, you can project it in augmented reality. There is no need to create real witnesses anymore. There we can immerse ourselves in this virtual twin, make the right technical choices. This avoids a lot of traveling and better cooperation between everyone “.

Benjamin Atlani and Ludovic Chaigneau

You have to go all out

Renaud Muselier, president of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, pocketed 400,000 euros. It specifies: If we want to keep our big companies in the region, we need to turn to new technologies and train young people accordingly. Without this ability to meet the needs of manufacturers, we would not be able to maintain all of our flags. You need this knowledge in advance, as we launched COP in advance several years ago “.

Renaud Muselier

Entry to the next promotion in early December for 6 to 8 weeks of training and 14 to 16 months thereafter on rotation.

Report Joel BARCY

* The Facebook group, Mark Zuckerberg’s company unveiled a new name a year ago: Meta. With it, a brand new logo is introduced to represent the group behind the social network (still called Facebook), Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

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