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Isn’t it time to change your internet box? The time has come to part with your old expensive internet subscription to go back to one of the best internet boxes of October 2022 and thus take advantage of the best price. For all customers who want to clear their subscriptions in October, here is the editorial staff’s TOP 5 of the best internet boxes. There is something for every taste; from the cheapest offer to the most comprehensive, including the one with the best speed. In addition, all these Internet offers can be subscribed with just a few clicks directly on the operators’ websites! Without further ado, here are 5 fiber optic boxes that the editors recommend if you want to switch suppliers.

Orange Private Sale: A Great Way To Grab One Of The Best Boxes On The Internet!

We immediately attack the heart of the matter with this October 2022 event: private sale Orange and Livebox for sale. If it’s not the cheapest internet box of this top, the difference between the promotional price of this Livebox and the regular price of Orange boxes is more than enough to make it one of the best internet boxes of October ! With Orange’s private sale, this fiber optic box is priced as low as €19.99/month for the first year, with a one-year commitment period.

Best Internet Box October 2022: Orange Private Sale with Livebox for less than €20.

Fiber optic internet box.

Livebox private sale

This offer is available on the Bemove website until 27/10. Offers the opportunity to benefit from Orange fibers for less than €20 thanks to the incredible promotion at Livebox. This fiber box thus includes a fiber optic speed up to 500 Mbit/s. Perfect for all related uses. It also offers all customers a TV decoder with all the channels of the Orange TV package. All this for less than €20? It’s definitely one of the best internet boxes this month.

All information on the private sale of Orange:

  • €19.99/month the first year;
  • minimum commitment period of one year;
  • Orange fiber with a speed of 500 Mbit/s;
  • 4K Ultra HD TV decoder on demand;
  • available on the Bemove website until 10/27.

Orange internet box error.

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Here is now the cheapest internet box of October 2022: SFR Fiber Starter offer. To place itself among the best web boxes of the month of October, this SFR offer is priced very low. The operator still has reduced the price of its fiber optic boxes : here, the online subscription costs only €18/month with a commitment of at least one year. Important advantage: it is an Internet box that provides access to SFR fiber!

The best SFR internet box

SFR fiber costs less than €20 now only with the limited series SFR Fiber Starter.

Fiber optic internet box.


With the SFR Fiber Starter subscription offer, the customer benefits from SFR’s Box 7 with a fiber optic connection featuring up to 500 Mbit/s connection speed. SFR offers here same browsing speed as the Orange box on sale, all for a similar price. The SFR box also carries more than 160 channels of SFR TV package with a TV decoder SFR Box 7. The latter benefits from a 4K HDR image, serving one of the best Internet boxes this October.

What to remember about the SFR Fiber Starter Box:

  • €18/month only with the SFR promotion;
  • commitment for at least one year;
  • up to 500 Mbit/s SFR fiber speed;
  • Includes SR Box 7 + TV Box 7 decoder;
  • more than 160 TV channels.

TV channels from SFR internet boxes.

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Orange fiber appears at a very low price with Sosh Box

With the Sosh box currently on sale, it’s possible to enjoy access to orange fiber for less than €20/month. A real bargain that immediately qualifies for October’s Best Web Boxes Contest ! The Sosh box with fiber optic access costs €19.99/month, the same price as the Livebox in Orange’s private sale. However, here is one fiber optic box no time commitment, perfect to change supplier at will.

The best internet box ever

Sosh Box is one of the best boxes on the web in October: it allows you to benefit from orange fiber for less than €20.

of them
Fiber optic internet box.


With this Sosh offer, the customer benefits from Livebox 5 in their subscription without any time commitment. The price of the offer, unfortunately, is only valid for one year. After the first year, the subscription appears at the price of €19.99/month, still without obligation. The customer benefits, with Orange fiber, from a 300 Mbit/s connection for sending and receiving. For the TV option, finally, Sosh offers several options: access to a reduced mobile TV package for free or a 4K UHD TV decoder for €5 more per month.

Summary of the Sosh offer:

  • orange fiber internet box;
  • only €19.99/month the first year;
  • box without duration commitment;
  • 300 Mbit/s internet speed with optical fibers;
  • optional 4K UHD TV decoder.

Netflix Sosh Box

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Freebox Revolution remains one of the best internet boxes under €20

Free is once again in this ranking of the best internet boxes in October. It must be said that the Internet service provider has everything going for it: very well-equipped TV options, prices that remain low all year round, and quite impressive connection speed. with The Freebox Revolution, Free continues to deliver its winning formula. For less than €20/month, the customer gets a fiber optic box with the best internet speed from this top 5, connected to RED by SFR. A great reason to cancel your online subscription to subscribe to a Free offer!

The best free internet box

Freebox Revolution is still one of the best internet boxes on the market with its Free Fiber connection.

Fiber optic internet box.


The Freebox Revolution subscription is priced at €19.99/month for the first year, with a one-year commitment. Free fiber, on the other hand, offers 1 Gbit/s internet speed, ie connection speed more than 2 times faster than Sosh Box. Freebox Revolution is perfect for the whole family: it also offers a TV option with more than 280 channels and a UHD TV decoder with integrated Blu Ray player. With all these tempting options, how could we not include it among the best boxes of the web of October?

Here’s everything Free with Freebox Revolution has to offer:

  • €19.99/month the first year;
  • one year commitment;
  • 1 Gbit/s Free fiber internet speed;
  • powerful, efficient and fluid box;
  • more than 280 TV channels + UHD TV decoder.

Freebox unlimited calls.

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RED by SFR still offers one of the best fiber optic internet boxes

We conclude with an offer that appears almost invariably in our best web boxes. This is the RED Box by RED by SFR, a fiber optic box that lets you enjoy unlimited SFR fiber. However, it is the most expensive offer of the bunch: SFR sells it at the price of €23/month. However, we will note that the price is not much higher compared to the other boxes presented: barely €3 more expensive. In addition, the RED Box is a fiber optic internet box with no time commitment.

the best RED internet box from SFR

The RED by SFR fiber optic box currently costs only €23/month, with no time commitment.

RED from SFR
Fiber optic internet box.


Indeed, the red box is almost perfect for every purpose. The RED by SFR Internet subscription is great for the first entrant, for a large family or even for users who want to take advantage of excellent fiber optic connection speeds. Indeed, the RED box indicates speeds of connection reaching 1 Gbit/s in optimal conditions. Finally, the RED Box by RED by SFR offers 35 TV channels on smartphones, or a SFR Connect TV Decoder with 4K image for only €29 to buy.

The Red Box by RED by SFR, in short:

  • €23/month, subscription without time commitment;
  • 1 Gbit/s SFR fiber optic connection;
  • 35 TV channels with the RED TV application;
  • Connect the 4K TV decoder for €29 to buy it.

Know everything repeat RED from SFR.

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