Expression: National – Metaverse will distinguish this edition

The Digitech International Digital, Technological and IOT Fair will resume its rights from the 13th to the 15th of the current month at the International Conference Center (CIC), Abdelatif Rahal. This was announced yesterday by the organizers during a media conference organized in preparation for this spectacle. Placed under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Digitization and Statistics, this third edition will place digital transformation in Algeria at the center of its activities and programming. For the co-founder of the show, Djibril Dio, it is an “edition which will enable the meeting of large groups that are active in the field of data and new technologies”.
The Digitech show is also a dedicated space for start-ups active in this specific field, thus offering opportunities in terms of B2B, networking and valorization of resources and skills. For this co-founder of the show, “Digitech is the crossroads of meetings and business demonstration”. It will also highlight the government’s efforts to support new businesses and the establishment of the label that has enabled the emergence and development of these new entities. For Jibril, “digital is a battle that we are currently fighting together, for a successful transformation”.
In this regard, he will consider that one of the objectives of the show is to allow the discovery of the Algerian national ecosystem by potential investors. It is important to remember that the third edition will allow for new eventualities through a variety of possibilities, through the universe of the Metaverse. Participants will be able to join rooms and access easy-to-use virtual conferences. The show will also allow the organization of conferences and panels led and delivered by Fintech giants, about new technologies, artificial intelligence, cyber security and other very current topics. This edition of Digitech, which comes after an interruption due to the restrictive measures of the Covid-19 health crisis, promises to fulfill the ambitions of its organizers. “This will be the first Maghreb-wide event that will take place face-to-face and virtually, through the Metaverse universe,” said Ryma, a representative of the Digitech show.
This third edition will have the presence of solution integrators, DATA specialists, digital banks, cyber security specialists, etc… For one of the sponsors of the show, Hachem Hachem Regional Commercial Director of RTI and CIS Int’l , an IT and telecommunications integrator. solutions, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase the potential of his company, which has already developed an important portfolio of structuring projects in Algeria, together with national institutions and the public and private economic sector. As for the representative of AGB bank, Amine Kermezli, head of the marketing and communication department, “it is an unforgettable event and a crossroads that will allow us to be as close as possible to start-ups, to be listening. companies to develop new products”. The representative of the Gulf bank announced the innovations and this wide range of new products that AGB has just launched. As for Cisco’s official representative at the level of the Arab Maghreb, Fayçal Othmane, cyber security is the fundamental question that should be addressed with interest during this show. “In a context dominated by hyperlinking and heavy trends towards Cloud solutions and infrastructures, as well as the generalization of remote or even hybrid work, the generalization of 5G and even 6G, the generalization of applications in management companies, the revision of standards and related procedures with cyber security are an acute issue”, he says, proposing solutions in the security framework, through reliable and updated systems to cope with the impressive flows in Canvas, for a good digital experience.

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