Why did agricultural products leave the Internet in Allier?

“All good things must come to an end,” said the producers gathered at the Buy on the Farm drive, in an email sent to their entire mailing list.
On Friday, September 30, the last customers of the now inactive online site www.achetezalaferme03.fr – only thirty five – collected their purchases ordered by Wednesday at midnight last.
The adventure ended a little slyly: “It’s sad! “, complains Émilie, a customer, who was thinking of making her last order. “I welcome this approach of bringing local producers together and I’m sad that they didn’t have more help to continue. In general, we are not helping local producers enough”.

Jean-Marc also had a good basket, filled with bread, apples, apple juice and yogurt: “I come every Friday. This is where I do my extra shopping. I will especially miss the Domaine de Franchesse juice and those good yogurts, which will be hard for me to find again, because the producers have spread a bit from right to left. Maybe I’ll check out the Association for the Maintenance of Rural Agriculture (Amap)! »

Fabrice Saunier, production manager at Esat d’Yzeure, who organized the movement and delivery every Friday, notes that there was “still potential in the collection”, “with a multitude of pick-up points and delivery ensured by €100 purchase and to which we take care of, at Esat. There were about fifteen very loyal customers who made big purchases every time.”

A crazy brake

The purchase on the farm had thus counted up to 300 weekly baskets during the first closure, while, shortly before, the Allié Gourmand association was asking “questions about the sustainability of the machine, given the incomprehensible financial charges”: “Before Covid, we we thought we didn’t really know each other”, recalls Évelyne Bonnafoux, treasurer of the association since the beginning and producer of dairy products in Rocles. “It turned out that during this crisis, everyone found us. We went from 30 bins to 300! It was an experience big, we all faced the demand together, elbows together. It was almost unaffordable, 300 orders”.In June 2020.

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Local consumption, a sustainable success in Allier?

Customers prefer to buy direct?

But it only lasted “from March to May 2020”: “And then it got worse again,” the treasurer testifies. “It went down to 150, 100, which was very good, it was easier to manage. And then it went down a lot. Maybe it’s not a lack of appetite for farm products, but the fact that these customers were able to buy direct again, that’s how I analyze it. It will probably be missed by some manufacturers for whom it was a good part of the sales. Then we all have our networks elsewhere. As for us at Rocles, we do ten markets a week. We also have the opportunity to sell our products in supermarkets”.

Shops, markets, productive and organic farms…

For Mathieu Péron, bison breeder in Rocles and who joined the car team in “2015, 2016”, especially in charge of communication, it is not for lack of “proven things”: “We have organized festive events and competitions, we created flyers, made postcard photos… We said to ourselves, is the principle to get the order when you want, that’s not wrong? We extended the hours to 8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m. We went to seven distribution points in the district of Moulins. We also thought that customers were comparing prices. But we produce agricultural products. And we had to pay for the maintenance of the site and the rental of the premises… That’s why we had moved from the Lyon road.”

Rocles bisons have found a local audience thanks to the movement: “We have an online store, which has a national vocation, we ship everywhere through Chronofresh. We don’t recommend it locally, you have to come to Rocles or the manufacturer’s shop in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule”.

Suitable for big cities?

For Belisama, which makes soap, the initial idea was a little different from food manufacturers: “We were hoping to increase visibility. At the same time, we are betting on producer shops and organic shops”. Soap makers are indeed present in a dozen retailers in Allier. Not to mention the Bourbon-l’Archambault market. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

The original idea of ​​the movement was really to create a “new way of marketing”. The objective was “to have the shortest possible product circulation time. A quality product, centralized in a single point”, summarized Pierre Mainaud, one of the co-presidents, in 2019. “We were inspired by the drives we had seen elsewhere in France, in Alsace, in Bordeaux”, remembers Evelyne Bonnafoux. Certainly bigger cities than Moulins”.
The car is gone, but the products are still there.

Manufacturers: Béguets farm (beef, veal, bread), Charmhotte plants, Clusors honey, Mhotte factory, Kom Kiss Kombucha microbrewery, all in Saint-Menoux, Belisama soap factory in Theneuille, Biscuits from Bocage Bourbonnais, Bisons from Auvergne and Petit farm Franchesse (cow and goat milk products) in Rocles, Cocotte et Compagnie in Agonges, Domaine des Bourrats in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule, Esat d’ Yzeure (organic market gardening) in Yzeure, La Belle Plante in Blot- L’Eglise, Les Vergers de Camille in Autry-Issards, Pougner Fuel in Chareil-Cintrat, La Ferme des Grillons (pork) in Lurcy-Lévis, La Régie (asparagus, strawberries and melon) in Gannay-sur-Loire, La Ferme de Villars (raw milk goat cheese) in Noyant-d’Allier, Michel Piroche (poultry) in Buxières, Fumage du Sichon in Brugheas, les Champignons de Vernusse, Le P’tit Damet (goat, sheep and cow milk products ) in Gannay, Jardin d’Issards in Autry, Vanes jams in Couzon, Via L’Escar goth in Nizerolles, Villatte (seeds, oils, flour) in Hérisson, Brebis des Côteaux (lamb) in Toury Lurcy, Tradita La Ferme (eggs) in Yzeure…

A bit of history

First day: 102 orders
On Friday, March 21, 2014, drive opened its first store on the road to Lyon and announced… 1200 subscribers! Crazy success. On the first day, very specifically, 102 orders were given to the first customers. In bags, especially vegetables, fruits, dairy products and eggs.
He moves twice
The business soon moved to larger premises, at 102 route de Lyon.

The Allié Gourmand farmers competition celebrates its 1st anniversary

In February 2015, the second pick-up point is open in Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule, at Domaine des Bourrats. This was followed in the summer of 2015 by the creation of pick-up points in Saint-Menoux, at the Beguets farm, then in Cressanges, at the village farm.

The effort of the Moulins-Yzeure farmer, two years of development

In 2016, the Bourbonnais producer group had exceeded its target of 4,500 customers in its base, with an average ticket of €45. The average basket is forty per week. It’s a bit fair now. The gourmet association Allié decides to add home delivery to its bow: for €7, delivery up to 15 km around.

For seven euros, the farmer’s car delivers in 15 km around

In 2019, the average number of baskets had not increased. The team from the Allié Gourmand association was then in “doubt”.

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