what is this new country born in 4 days?

How to create a fictional country in a few days from a simple tweet? Futura explains the textbook case of Listenbourg, a country invented from scratch by the Twitto community.

Listenbourg is the trending word of the moment I tweet. And Listenbourg is the name of a fictional country that has built a complete identity, or almost, in just a few days thanks to the imagination of the Twitter community. Thus, Listenbourg has all the trappings of a state, with ministries, a parliament, a flag and its own anthem. Populated by 49 million inhabitants, the country is located to the west of Spain and Portugal with which it shares a common border. That too satellite images come to prove its existence and the country also has a rich history and of course a culture.

This big joke comes from a bet started on Twitter on October 30th. The Twitterers wanted to trap Americans who are generally bad at identification United across the Atlantic a map. One of them called @gaspardoooimagined this name of Listenbourg and, immediately, an army of Twittos began to develop everything that can characterize a real country.

It all started with this simple tweet showing a country that doesn’t exist to mock the geographic lack of culture of Americans. © Twitter

Thus, Twitter accounts ministries were born, including those of political parties, a currency was invented, “Zambaku” with its official rate. There are also many explanations in tourist places and the history of the country. The historical component is also quite detailed, with the evocation of a single victorious war against France in 1661. A defeat so shameful that it is not even reported in the French history books.

The country has five provinces with their own regional capitals. The capital is Lurenberg. Twittos have even imagined the names of 35 departments. © Twitter

And Twitter created Listenbourg in four days

The Twittos have even invented a capital city, Lurenberg, a geographical division and politics by region, and are in the process of creating a language, Anglo-bourgeois. There is also an official football club, a national symphony orchestra. The economic structure is in full development, with companies, public transport companies, brands, media…

Even better, the country has created its own social networksocial network : Facebourg. All this in just a few days, is even stronger than in the Bible! This imaginary place is called ” lorelore “. It’s a popular expression in the world of video games. These are generally virtual universes more or less elaborate in which the characters evolve; however, in this case, the main objective is precisely to give more consistency to this fictional place. And success totally escaped its initiator, since official account of the country that is run by the famous @gaspardooo already has about 36600 followers five days after its creation.

So the creation of such knowledge causes a reaction, and many brands and personalities seek to be part of the game, often to achieve their own self-promotion. This is especially the case with some politicians. Behavior that the Twitter community does not tolerate. As for the original joke, that is. tricking Americans into showing theirs DISADVANTAGESDISADVANTAGES in geography, has not yet received. At the moment, Listenbourg is not really covered by the US media, and the US Twittos who evoke it do not seem to fall for the trap.

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