Using the Internet: A forum to raise youth cyber safety awareness

The Youth Government of Burkina (simulation of governance where young people hold public positions) organized, on November 5, 2022 in Ouagadougou, the first edition of the forum on cybercrime and cyber security. Through presentations and round tables, the participants from different backgrounds and composed mainly of young people, were made aware of how to use the Internet and social networks calmly, in order not to fall into the trap of cybercriminals.

The first edition of the forum on cybercrime and cyber security was held under the theme “The fight against cybercrime: challenges and prospects to protect yourself on the Internet and social networks”. According to Romuald Ouédraogo, the new Minister of Innovation, Digital Transition and Posts, the idea of ​​organizing this forum started from the observation that the Internet is now widely used by young people. However, digital is a medium that has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, this forum is presented, according to him, as an opportunity not only to make young people aware of the responsible use of the Internet and social networks, but also to give them the necessary weapons to fight against cybercriminals.

Romuald Ouédraogo, new Minister of Innovation, Digital Transition and Posts.

During the day, the participants will be built on several topics, which will be developed through conferences and round tables. These topics are mainly related to the challenges of cybercrime and the answers given, the fight against cybercrime, the regulation of cyberspace, the protection of personal data, the fight against online pedocrime, etc.

Police Lieutenant Julien Legma, responsible for police cooperation in the Central Brigade for the Fight against Cybercrime (BLCC), spoke to the youth about the organization of the fight against cybercrime in Burkina Faso as well as internet security. The communicator indicated that for the first three quarters of 2022, his structure has received a little more than 2,000 complaints and about thirty people have been referred to the prosecutor’s office to answer for their actions. He confesses that the financial damage caused by these cybercriminals is about 1 billion CFA francs. Figures that prove that the phenomenon of cybercrime is growing and that the intensification of actions is needed to fight it.

Police Lieutenant Julien Legma, responsible for police cooperation in the Central Brigade for the Fight against Cybercrime.

Regarding the best practices to be followed in order not to fall victim to cybercriminals, police lieutenant Julien Legma recommends, among other things, not to be eager for ease, because, “very often, when you are an easy fan, we expose ourselves a lot. It is enough that we are given a small offer and we stick to the offer and lose the security measures that should be taken”.

A view of the participants.

He adds that you should avoid accepting friend requests from strangers on social networks, because that is where the contact is made and later this profile can be used to deceive. Other tips, the lieutenant recommends avoiding clicking on suspicious links, setting a password to protect his account and learning how to configure his account, especially Facebook, to better protect it. [ Cliquez ici pour lire l’intégralité ]

Armelle Ouedraogo/Yameogo

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