Top 10 urban legends of the Internet, legends 2.0

Humanity’s imagination has never really had any limits and since the advent of the internet we have seen many manifestations of this collective imagination flourish, such as with the advent of ghosts or a new form of urban legends called CreepyPastas. We will look at some examples of these new urban legends together and you will see, there is something to be a little scared of.

1. The Slenderman: the creepy killer reimagined

It was in 2009 that the creation of Slenderman began in Internet forums: a man with a thin and elongated figure, dressed in a black suit and with a face masked in white, who hangs in the forest and kills people (classic so far). As the legend of Slenderman was written by hundreds of contributions, video games were developed by enthusiasts, and soon we saw a movie coming, which was also rotten.

2. The Momo Challenge

Perhaps one of the most popular urban legends of the Internet: the basic idea was to write a message via a Whatsapp number to Momo, a super creepy woman who would give you tasks to complete. If it was relatively “nice” at first, the challenge soon became alarming as malicious people began giving increasingly dangerous tasks, even asking people to commit suicide. The phenomenon quickly went viral and the police were forced to get involved in several places.

3. Unspeakable: the creepy woman with an equally creepy story

The Unspeakables story invented from scratch by an internet user tells of a woman with a completely blank face who would have arrived at an American hospital in the 1970s and whom all the people who would have passed the road would have a catastrophic fate. . The story has become one of the most widespread urban legends on the Internet and continues to be fed by creative netizens or told in Tiktok videos. I admit his face is a little scary.

4. Jeff Killer

Basically, this urban legend starts from a rather creepy image of a completely white face which started to light up on forums. Users quickly gave this character a name and a story: his name is Jeffrey Woods, a student mutilated, abused and martyred by his classmates who came back to kill them and told them “just go to sleep ” before killing them, which has become a signature phrase on the forums.

5. 1999: The Story of Mr. Bear

The story of Mr. The said Mr. Bear told stories on his show and asked children to write to him, and when he answered, he gave his address and the child who went there never came back. It’s creepy and well-written, so it’s become one of the most famous CreepyPastas in the world, especially since the bear mask clearly shot the female dog.

6. Webdriver Torso: Youtube account is hiding something

The Youtube WebDriver Torso account is a Google-run account that was used to upload videos to test Youtube’s capabilities. We see colored squares and rectangles in the video several minutes of electronic music. Except that netizens quickly sought to find a more alien explanation for these videos, claiming for example that Google was using them to contact extraterrestrials, wake up sleeping agents, or do a host of creepy things.

7. Mr. Widemouth: Furby from Hell

Mr. Widemouth is a small creature that looks like some kind of demonic Furby with a big mouth full of sharp teeth and asks children to follow him to play. Every time he offers them a game, it turns out to be deadly: juggling with knives, jumping from the top of several floors to land on an invisible trampoline… The little character quickly gained fame and many stories were told. invented by Internet users because obviously the silly little monsters still work just as well, even more than twenty years after gremlins.

8. Lavanville Theme: Pokemon game music which would have caused suicide

In the first Gameboy Pokémon game published in Japan (the green and red version transformed into blue and red) a special music has fueled urban legends on the Internet. This is the theme of the city Lavanville (the one where the Pokemon graveyard was), which would have been composed with notes that only children can hear and would drive them to commit suicide. It’s obviously silly, but people went too far in interpreting it because it obviously made them laugh.

9. Hitori Kakurenbo: secretly playing alone (but not actually alone)

The idea of ​​this strange game that arrived on Japanese forums was to take a doll, give it a sharp object, cast a spell and hide. Do you see the sequel coming? The possessed doll comes to pick you up and plant you with the object (preferably a pen) to tell you that she has won. The phenomenon quickly gained momentum and many people shared videos of their haunted game of hide and seek, but it was mostly big myths who wanted to draw attention to themselves.

10. Loab: an artificial intelligence’s nightmare

With all the applications of creating images by artificial intelligence, a strange phenomenon occurred: the creation of the face of an extremely scary woman named Loab. The original creation comes from a user named Supercomposite who used image-generating software that created the face of the woman in question. He then asked the AI ​​to create new photos based on the first one and ended up with a collection of similar photos of the famous Loab. It was enough for the internet to pick up on this and show that all image generation platforms have created portraits of women that are very scary.

LOANS picture (Public domain): Generated by an unspecified computer algorithm based in part on a text request from Supercomposite

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