The town hall site of Beaumont-le-Roger has been modernized

The new site now meets the needs of the residents. ©Coralie Maux-Renard

You may have noticed, Web page e borough of Beaumont-le-Roger (Eure) has changed. “It was over ten years old, it was old, it no longer responded to the new standards of communication and Internet security, and it was not protected,” admits Sandrine Debus, assistant for communication and demonstrations at the municipality. This project still waited a little while before it was implemented in October 2022. “We procrastinated to do it, she admits. The first year I said to myself that it was useless, that people were going to the website less, I didn’t see the point of doing it again”.

He was over ten years old, he was old, he no longer responded to the new standards of communication.

Sandrine Debus, Communications and Events Assistant

Sandrine Debus and her team did however resume contact with the company behind the first site. It thus reveals the number of visitors who regularly pass through the latter. “I was surprised to think that there were actually more people than we thought,” she recalls. I said this to myselfInvesting in a site was still good. »

Good reasons for this change

The second reason that broke the balance? The new device is related to the Illiwap application to alert Beaumont residents of certain events. “Now, when you enter information on the site, it goes directly to Illiwap, Sandrine Debus informs. Until now, I was managing the Facebook page and Illiwap, so this will free me up to do other things, like working on projects. The day I will no longer be an assistant, the municipality will be autonomous to continue these actions. »

We tried to simplify people’s lives.

Sandrine Debus, Communications and Events Assistant

A brand new website

After a year of work on this project, the site is finally born. ” We put ourselves in the shoes of someone who was from Beaumont, she said. To find out what he wanted to get. For example, there was no need to provide information on the intercom, we just put links on their site. We also tried to have a page where we did not put information that could change, such as the names of school principals. It’s useless, because we will soon become obsolete. »

We put ourselves in the shoes of someone who was from Beaumont to find out what he wanted to get.

Sandrine Debus, Communications and Events Assistant

Therefore, the site is designed for Beaumont residents as a priority, but also for tourists, thanks to the categories “I live”, “I go out”, “I visit”. In the second part, the visitor will be able to find the associations and where to eat. The final section deals particularly with the history of Beaumont and its monuments. “We analyzed what we asked the most from the reception of the municipality to give the answers, explains Sandrine Debus. This also frees up time for the waiting girls, because they were sometimes bothered by the questions that can now be found on the site. »

Website: Facebook page: Town Hall of Beaumont Le Roger. officials

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