the government wants to push the French to put their internet box on standby

This is one of the main measures of the digital component of the energy prudence plan presented by the government this Thursday, October 6 to “pass the winter” in the conditions of the tension of the electricity production capacities in the country, which may remain without energy in case of peak consumption during the winter period. As RTL was able to observe in the government press kit, confirming the information from BFM TVthe executive intends to involve telecom operators to reduce the power consumption of internet boxes.

“Sector players will define criteria for placing Internet boxes and TV set-top boxes on standby when not in use”, can we read in the document, which also cites a study by Green IT according to which “an ADSL box /fiber consumes an average of 158 kWh of electricity per year and up to 300 kWh depending on

Invited by RTL to specify the conditions of this measure, the office of the delegated minister for Digital Affairs clarifies that it is about provide an automatic standby feature on boxes and set-top boxes in favor ofa software update or the integration of such functionality into future marketed devices. “Today, some decoders go to sleep when you turn off the TV. (Like, for example, the Apple TV system, editor’s note). But this is not the case for TVs of all operators, you often have to turn off the TV and the decoder to put them on standby. For boxes, most operators already offer time slots where it is possible to turn off WiFi or the box at the user’s request. , is to have an automatic standby which will be generated by default after a certain period inactivity or when the box no longer detects any device connected to WiFi”, explains Jean-Noël Barrot’s office.

As for the horizon for the implementation of such a measure, Bercy relies on the operators. Some have already begun to raise the issue, such as Orange which, as reported Numbersrecently announced that it would send text messages to its customers in the event of a consumption peak to encourage them to implement green gestures, such as turning off their TV box and set-top box or favoring WiFi over 4G at home. .

The consumption of one box costs about 15 euros per year per family

This is not the first time that this measure is mentioned at the highest level of the state. Government spokesman Olivier Véran had already invited the French to disconnect their Wi-Fi before going on weekends or holidays this summer to cut their electricity bill, while the Ukrainian conflict heralds tough energy months ahead.

At the beginning of July, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) published tables showing the average consumption of household appliances. The agency then estimated the annual consumption of an Internet box at about 97 kWh per year., for an annual cost of 16 euros in the electricity bill. The calculation to which 87 kWh had to be added for families equipped with TV decoders, or about 15 euros. For comparison, the consumption of a television is estimated at 187 kWh per year. On a final note, Arcep in turn estimated that permanently switched-on Internet boxes had a consumption equivalent to two or three nuclear reactors in Europe, BFMTV recalls.

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