MasterCard Tells You How to Buy NFTs: Is Crypto Adoption Happening?

There are some things you can’t buy – For example, watching an employee of payments giant Mastercard give a product presentation on the Polygon test network (MAT). The scene was filmed during the Fintech Festival in Singapore, one of the largest fairs dedicated to Fintech. We see a representative from the Mastercard booth showing an NFT transaction using his bank card. One step closer to adoption? In a way yes… but it’s more complicated than that.

Cryptos and NFTs: a market not to be overlooked for Mastercard

The bravest (sometimes being the most pragmatic) have understood this well: a global market made of even sharper notches and segments currently taking shape. No one knows where we are going. But here we go. This is even more true for the NFT sector which remained strong a few months after the crypto “pico top” of November 2021. buyer’s fever AND the volumes are deflated from but the subject he will not do the same.

The arrival of giants like MasterCard will also help to do non-exchangeable tokens are no longer present in public space. Everyone who has interacted with different blockchains or different protocols knows how “accessible”, “ready to consume” they are. Great strides are being made steadily crypto walletsbut hard to compete with UX (user experience) of web applications 2.

In this video you can see one purchase of NFTs made by one wallet metamask AND paid by Mastercard, linked to the crypto wallet. It’s sort of a fiat ramp, although here the payment provider does the debiting and the whole operation for you.

The transaction went through without any hiccups Mumbai Test Range Test Network. In a few seconds and for only a few dozen cents in fees, the NFT appears in the wallet.

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Cryptos vs fiat: run away from me I follow you, follow me I run away from you

It is not unusual to read or hear this mass adoption WILL when Dapps will have cleared UI block “. So that he has as little contact with it as possible, because of his rigidity that we all know. And we can broadly agree on that, although… do we embrace blockchain in that way?

View the presentation videospring

Adoption needs fiat ramps towards crypto, is pushing an open door to say it. But by erasing any interaction with the blockchain for its client, the payment provider does not participate in the establishment of the blockchain (aka adoption). He’s just selling one more product with his credit card.

This probably explains the speed at which Visa AND MasterCard have reacted in recent months to the crypto and NFT boom. This is a big challenge for payment service providers, ready for it fiat-crypto bridge for widows and orphans, provided they have a blue card.

The happy medium will not be easy to find, and the “web 3 ethos” is a term that is still trying to find its meaning today. We don’t necessarily know which way it’s going, but it’s going. And the best way to approach adoption is to buy cryptocurrency directly. For the rest there is Mastercard.

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