Internet box. The competition is eliminated, Bouygues Telecom comes up with a crazy deal

Do you have a Wi-Fi connection that drops regularly? Or is your throughput not high enough? However, is the price too high? So many reasons that can make you leave your operator to go to Bouygues Telecom. We show you how to save 60% of the price.

Bouygues Telecom is always a guarantee of quality when looking for a mobile plan or an internet box. The operator is known for its reliability, regardless of the geographical area in which you are located. whether its value for money is always very important, is sometimes a bit more expensive than the competition. Except when it offers amazing discounts.

This is the case at the moment and in his triple play internet box. The formula Bbox Must see its price drop by 60% in the first year. If you’re looking to change your internet box for long-term peace of mind, top-notch service and consistent speed, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Bbox Must

High-level triple-play

This internet box offers all the elements to have a good experience with Bouygues Telecom. First, you have the right to ultra powerful speed fiber (1 Gb/s download and 700 Mb/s upload). This will allow you to be with several people on the same Wi-Fi consuming content (video type) in parallel without any delay.

As announced above, you have a triple play box: therefore it also contains a TV part. In this case, you will also receive with your router one TV decoder that will allow you to use 180 TV channels. With it, you will also have a recorder that can record up to 100 hours in memory. Finally, Bouygues Telecom also gives you access to its app which allows you to watch these channels on your smartphone and tablet.

The last part of the internet box is the one on the phone. Bouygues Telecom provides you with a telephone number and unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in France and landline calls to more than 110 countries. If you continue to use a landline, you will therefore not be able to incur any charges for most of your calls. You still have to admit that today, this part is less important as we have a similar offer with most mobile plans.

Discover Bbox Must

And how much does this internet box cost? Bbox Must is currently enjoying a very favorable rate, but this will end in a few days. If you intend to change, we can advise you to do so as soon as possible. Currently you can have it for 15.99 euros per month (for a year) instead of 40.99 euros. For this reason, during the first 12 months save no less than 300 euros on your bill.

You can compare it to your current subscription to realize that this internet box is a great value. Having a triple formula for 15.99 euros per month is a real surprise. This is even more true since this is a box with fiber and quality of Bouygues Telecom. By choosing this formula, you can get help online, by phone or in store.

What are the steps to get this internet box?

Changing the internet box is easy contrary to what the operators want you to believe. They somehow try to keep you, often by raising prices. However, you should know that changing your ISP only takes a few minutes. Better yet, you don’t even care about the ending. Your new ISP can take care of everything, for free.

Before you can take advantage of this Bbox Must, you need to check one thing first: your compatibility with Bouygues Telecom fiber. To do this, you need to enter your postal address on the operator’s website. He will then tell you if you are connected to his fiber network or if you will have to settle for ADSL. The latter is cheaper, but it is also less powerful. It is up to you to see which is more important.

With Bouygues Telecom, you don’t need to terminate your current contract: it takes care of it. Alternatively, cancellation fees may apply with your current carrier. And Bouygues Telecom is once again generous as it undertakes to compensate you up to 100 euros of these costs. Overall, the cost is lower, so you ensure a painless transition here financially.

This internet box has many advantages, you have seen. Specifically, for features and price, no rival can compete at the moment. This is a very good thing for you and your wallet, as prices go up everywhere. In exchange for these favorable rates, Bouygues Telecom asks you to commit for 12 months. This is not too worrying: the first 12 months are the cheapest. At this price, you can’t ask for better.

To discover the Bouygues Telecom box, it is here:

Discover Bbox Must

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