Apple – Hide This NFT I Can’t Tax!

There is a kind of invisible line between Web2 companies and the new version of the Internet Web3 developing. And even if it is sometimes difficult to identify, it is nevertheless a matter of deep incompatibilities almost impossible to resolve. A reality of which is definitely the best example the current showdown between the NFT market and the giant Apple. This is because of its willingness to charge an exorbitant commission for all transactions that go through its app Apple Store.

Being surprised by this situation can show a somewhat naive side. But it should be understood that a commission of 30% may seem “normal” in the traditional economy. But whatit is simply embarrassing in the NFT sector where even the leader of Opensea does not require a tenth of this amount from its users. Even more if we consider that this tax applies to all purchases made in the App Store and to all funds spent while using it. And it doesn’t seem to be heading in the direction of an amicable solution…

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NFT – The 30% commission charged by Apple does not go through

Jordan P. – September 27, 2022 – 1:30 p.m

Apple had finally decided to allow the sale of non-fungible tokens […]


Apple vs NFT – An even more closed App Store

This issue is already considered by some as a losing battle for the NFT market. Because it stands in front of the new actors of this ecosystem the Apple giantwhich has always specialized in closing its products and features. A policy the company obviously wants to confirm and crack down on what it sees as attempts to circumvent its app’s limits on the App Store.. This with the help of embedded links that allow its users to avoid the 30% fee applied to everything that moves.

In fact, the new mods were just added at the beginning of the week the latest internal policy update of its core App Store. With a section specifically dedicated to applications related to non-volatile tokens (NFT). And suffice it to say that things aren’t getting any better on the field.

Apps can use in-app purchase to sell non-fungible token (NFT) related services, such as mint, listing and transfer. They may allow users to view their NFTs, provided that this feature does not unlock the app’s functionality. They may also allow users to browse NFT collections owned by others, as long as they do not contain buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchase mechanisms. except for in-app purchase in the app store. »

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A decision that it further closes in the maneuvering room of projects related to NFTs it’s almost non-existent in the App Store now. But is it really a surprise? Because who could have believed that the Apple company would allow the applications that it hosts in its store to offer services outside its borders. And regardless of whether the addition of these features is an attempt to activate a dying immutable token marketright in the heart of this bear market.

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NFT – How to set a “fair price” using a Twitter bot?

Hugh B. – October 14, 2022 – 09:00 am

The NFT market is definitely not in its best shape for this […]


But does the NFT market really need the App Store to develop? A question worth asking. Knowing that this very young ecosystem already has its own internal excesses. While the progressive cancellation of copyright on more and more platforms as in the recent case of the current leader of the Solana blockchain, Magic Eden. Because problems don’t always come from outside…

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