A free online detective game for the NUM festival by Agence Friedman

In partnership with the Festival NUM des Bibliothèques de Laval, the Friedman Agency offers a free online police investigation game available without further delay. Designed for families, the game offers a fun way to discover works of digital art.

A free online detective game for the whole family

In this online police investigation game, players are guided by an artificial intelligence that has been brought to life in the Studio for a year. She offers to reveal the digital art, but her way of communicating with the players remains enigmatic. You have to decipher her messages to find the works she wants to share.

Through the game, parents and children work together to solve various puzzles that require as much logic, deduction as observation. A fun family opportunity to learn a little more about digital art and discover works by local artists.

you can play it here.

An edition of the NUM Festival focused on digital art

For its fourth edition, the NUM Festival presented by the Laval Libraries offers a hybrid program, on the Web and in the Multicultural Library. Discovery, innovation, creation, play and enjoyment are at the heart of the activities offered for children from 6 years old, as well as for teenagers and parents. Again this year, there are activities for all tastes in various topics including: virtual reality, music creation, coding, online escape games, digital art installations, video-mapping, robot making and many more.

A different concept of free online police investigation game

The Friedman Agency provides an online platform where players must work
team to conduct a criminal investigation or resolve a case in another registry. The peculiarity of the game is that the participants do their research and find the solutions using all the tools that technology can give them. Search engines, online encyclopedias, databases, social networks and QR codes are just a few examples.

The site offers five scenarios:

  • A free tutorial to understand how scripts work while having fun;
  • The Witch’s Potion, where children help a witch make a magic potion;
  • The 12 Labors of Hercules, a revised children’s version of the famous myth;
  • Library alert! a family game to learn more about Montreal;
  • The Puppeteer – Chapter 1 for experts in a free online police investigation game in a hacking universe that makes you a Sherlock Holmes of the future.
    also available in English version.

Since these are mostly investigations for the whole family, don’t expect to find a violent criminal case, police investigations with details of a murder case, and reports from the police force and Montreal police investigators. There is no crime scene, criminal investigation or criminal case, but the mechanics used to succeed are the same.

New scenarios will come for new investigators

Sylvain A. Trottier, co-founder, assures us that new scripts will be added to the catalog: “Our goal is to provide scripts for all audiences. Beginners as well as mystery game enthusiasts will find scenarios to suit them on our website. Additionally, Mystery Rally, outdoor games where family outings and puzzle games are mixed, are in the works. The first is to try Lac des Fées in Saint-Constant.

In addition, the team aims to develop customized scenarios for organizations, such as libraries, schools or even companies looking for team building activities, as confirmed by Lola Huguet, co-founder: “Our system allows us to easily design scenarios customized. It is as possible to use a company’s specific work tools as to transmit the historical knowledge of a museum. Some partnerships are also in the works.

The Friedman Agency offers various games on its site. So don’t hesitate to contact them to discover essential inquiries.

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