Unstoppable Domains wants to change the face of web3

Digital identity at the heart of web3! – Swap your old string of alphanumeric characters for a name that belongs to you, an identity that is uniquely yours. Through a domain name, anyone on the web3 can create a digital representation of themselves. A still new concept that the various domain name providers are fighting over. One of them, Unstoppable domains, wants to change that and is building a coalition with big names in the industry. The explanations.

Unstoppable Domains, a coalition for an unstoppable Web3

To receive and send funds or NFT, forget your address Ethereum extension and replace it with this good old one bob.nft. Having a decentralized identity on the web3 will probably become the norm in the future. Thus, domain names can be used to host websites or to ensure the delivery of e-mails. They allow you to sign transactions in DeFi, games or metaverse applications. Many technologies such as Signs associated with the soul are developed for this purpose. Participate in democratizing the concept of decentralized identity. Because to regain control of your data online, it’s essential to adopt your digital identity.

A decentralized identity on the web3, the challenge for the coming years

It is in this framework that Web3 Domain Allianceat the initiative of the famous domain name provider Unstoppable Domains, a competitor ofEthereum name service (ENS). The objective is clear and multiple. First of all, it is about promoting the interoperability of blockchains and thereby improving the user experience. As a result, among the members of this alliance we find Unstoppable Domains (.crypto, .nft, .x, .wallet, .bitcoin, .dao, .888, .zil and .blockchain) but also Bonfida (.sol), Tezos Domains (.tez), Polkadot Name Service (.dot), Name Hashgraph (.hbar), Syscoin (.sys) and klaytn.domains (.klay).

These subjects are considering now to work together to harmonize their processes. This will avoid redundancies and fight against phishing or scams posing as W3TLD (Web3 Top Level Domains).

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The decentralized web3 identity at the dawn of its evolution

of domain names du web2 is run by an American NGO responsible for coordinating domain names, theI CAN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). In web3, there is still none of this. It is therefore difficult for this booming sector to avoid surprises and excesses. This is the challenge of the Web3 Domain Alliance, in discussion with ICANN in order to recognize W3TLDs.

Web2 domain names may be overtaken in the coming years by new web3 trends such as .blockchain.
.com of web2 soon to be replaced by .eth, .nft and .crypto of web3?

“As a member of the Web3 Domain Alliance, we want to protect the identity of web3 users and ensure that web3 is developed according to global standards and best practices. We are still in a rough draft stage in which many are still trying to understand this ecosystem. This alliance is essential to allow people to explore the web3 safely. »

Sandy Carter, SVP (Senior Vice President) at Unstoppable Domains

While web1 and web2 allow users to read and write data, web3 offers them the ability to own it, to become its owner again. With this in mind, having a digital identity, a reflection of our physical persona, goes without saying.

In fact, the sector is exploding with massive flows of domain name subscriptions, fueled by the speculation inherent in first discoveries. However, the utility is very real and innovative. Having a decentralized identity means more security for users when authenticating on the web3. It is also more fluid during their navigation. So imagine replacing your endless amount of complicated passwords for a simple signature through your decentralized identity. Good or bad thing in your opinion?

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