Two Loiret villages deprived of internet and telephone for almost three months

They are poor, bored, regrouped. The inhabitants of Montigny do not have plus internet and landline as of August 23. part of the village especially those who live in and around the rue du Monceau is affected. In Attray the entire municipality is private. “Our businesses and farmers are penalized. Economic life is at risk”, alarm Dominique Gaucher, mayor of Attray.

The reason for this incident? “A construction company working on Attray Road unfortunately damaged the historic telecommunications networkinform department of communication of Orange – Centre-Val de Loire. Orange, partner of this fixed network, is fully mobilized in this complex file.” During the intervention, several copper cables were cut in several places.

Engenville, Malesherbes, Marsainvilliers, Pithiviers and Puiseaux victims of an internet and telephone outage

A lingering situation

the problem, this situation has dragged on for almost three months. “We’re all in the same boat,” sighs Bernard Barrault, a resident of Montigny.

Tuesday, November 1in the presence of the mayor of Montigny, Christian Massein, about twenty residents gathered in the main hall of the town hall to express their difficulty with daily life without internet. “I’m a mother of two college students. And for homework it’s all online,” says Aurore Moreau.

In room, Leone, a 93-year-old nonagenarian, was given a cell phone by her children. “In terms of the safety of people, especially the elderly, it is very serious,” worries Maxime Limodin, a Montignois. Évelyne Valet, multiplies the visits to her 84 and 87 year old parents. “They’re too old to have a cell phone.”

Residents of Nibelle have been deprived of internet and telephone services due to a fire

A provisional date issued

For now, impossible to go to telecommunications in good conditions for some residents. “We were given 4G keys, but in Montigny, the 4G coverage is faulty. We are in a white zone,” complains Bernard Barrault. Same story for Attray. “In the town hall, it’s driving,” assures Dominique Gaucher.

These residents, frustrated, would like things to speed up. They were given a provisional date. A return to normality may occur on November 25. But hard to believe after eight postponements. “A few weeks ago, a similar problem occurred at Pithiviers. It was resolved in 24 hours. It was almost three months with us. We are considered citizens. Whether we live in the city or in the countryside, we should have the same rights“, emphasizes Christian Massein.Bernard Barrault, a resident of Montigny, and the mayor of Montigny, Christian Massein.

A petition on the way

Tired, the inhabitants of Montigny have decided to make a petition. After signing, it will be transmitted to the deputy, senator, president of the Department to signal this situation.. “Why don’t we join them instead of everyone doing things on their side,” Attray’s mayor gushes about the petition.

To repair the network, Orange recalls that it is necessary to update all sections of the cut underground cables and reconnect the cables to the network.

Currently, Orange intervenes again to carry out a fifth excavation under the asphalt to finalize the site and restore phone and internet service.

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