The Monde.s Multiple.s international meeting starts this Saturday, November 5 in Bourges

In 2022, the Monde.s Multiple.s meeting will be built from a selection of works from artist residencies located in Europe thanks to the EMAP program (European Media Art Platfrom – From this Saturday it will be placed in the different rooms of Den Skins, but also outside the walls.

A concert and the opening of the collective exhibition Kin(d) Relations (see box) are scheduled for this first weekend. Conferences, meetings with artists, film screenings, time for multiple exchanges, proposals for online content or back and forth between “real” and “virtual” will fuel the meetings over the next few days.

Onsite and online programming, or both

On-site events make up most of the programming, but not all. 7% will be offered online. Since, out of necessity, a 99% virtual meeting was created in 2020, Antre Peaux continues to bring Monde.s Multiple.s to life on the web as well. There we will find this year, for example, a filmed meeting with the author Alice Carabédian or even Cathedralby Nelson Bourrec Carter, multimedia virtual reality installation (November 18 to 20).

The first multiple world meetings organized in Bourges start this Friday, online

Virtual and real spaces will mix in Château d’eau – Château d’art, through the exhibition Jeu de mondes 2.0 – Hall Noir, collective work (from November 17 to January 15).

Still outside the walls, but in the real world, Monde.s multiple.s will also offer performances and literary meetings at the Maison de la Culture, which will also host, on November 18, a professional day entitled Dans l’entre deux – situer et To be determined. To understand artistic and scientific mediation.

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Saturday, November 5:
6:18 pm, the opening of the collective exhibition Kin (d) Relations. Den Skins – Pallet truck. On view until December 30, Wednesday through Sunday from 3 to 7 p.m.
9:21 pm, Fabulation & Science Fiction Party #. 21:21, concert by Mechanical Heaven (DJ Set, Orléans/Paris) and Calling Marian (atmospheric techno, France). At Nadir. €13/€10/€8.
Den Peaux, 24-26, rue de La Chapelle.;

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