No, Twitter is not backing down on its crypto projects

I tweet has built up a lot of excitement about integrating crypto into its platform, but recent news doesn’t support that. However, they would have something to please the industry.

Future Twitter projects revealed

Since the arrival ofElon Musk atop the social network, speculation is rife within the crypto realm. Although the entrepreneur has not yet spoken about the deadlines for the deployment of crypto systems on the platform, holders of digital currencies are already happy. However, as the billionaire works to overhaul the company, recent news shows the industry will have to be patient.

According to the information published by the media Platformer and revealing upcoming projects slated to see the light of day on Twitter, verification would be one of the most likely features to be implemented in the coming days. Thus, users will have to pay a monthly fee of $8 to certify their profile with a blue sticker, starting next week. Similarly, the Notes option that allowed writing and posting long tweets would also be suspended until further notice. Elon Musk had also proposed relaunching the Vine app and would focus some of the company’s efforts on completing this project as soon as possible.

Finally, creating a usable crypto wallet on the platform, on the other hand, would be far from a priority.

The recently revealed blueprint for creating a wallet cryptography because Twitter also seems to be down.

Excerpt from Platformer’s article about future Twitter implementations.

Of course, this list of decisions has not been commented on by Twitter officials. Therefore, it may be that some changes are still possible. However, panic seems to have already taken over the cryptosphere, with a Dogecoin which dropped 10% after the Platformer article was published. Although the phenomenon was temporary and the small dog coin was able to rise quickly, it testifies to an uncertainty at the level of DOGE investors. Not seeing the token increase in value as quickly as expected, some of them seem eager to strike it rich elsewhere as the cryptocurrency market turns green again.

Source: DOGE courses according to CoinMarketCap

No, the social network does not issue crypto!

Despite the panic that seems to have gripped some users, the guide published by the Platform brings good news: wallet crypto would really exist. If this is discontinued for redesign time, Twitter would indeed consider implementing crypto.

So it will be necessary to be patient as Elon Musk is cleaning up the company with a massive reorganization of employees. However, even here, the initiative could be beneficial for the industry. like testifies to it CEO of Binance, it is possible that Twitter will have some crypto specialists in its ranks in the future.

Similarly, it may happen that social network developers are gradually replaced by blockchain specialists. Therefore the future looks uncertain for the sector, but it can still bring great news. Meanwhile, influencers and other industry personalities are already at work to raise Dogecoin’s price and make memecoin lovers forget this bad past.

Source: Matt Wallace Twitter account


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