“Micro-Folie”, a digital museum to discover the world’s greatest works from Saint-Gilles in the Gard

Discover the world’s greatest museums from the Gard, access thousands of masterpieces with a simple click, immerse yourself in virtual reality alongside the greatest art figures without leaving the Emile-Cazelles media library in Saint-Gilles, this is what Micro-Folie offers.

A “cultural platform at the service of territories”, this is how La Villette describes its Micro-Folie concept. Specifically, the Parisian cultural center has devised an innovative and inclusive tool that uses modern technological tools to put culture within everyone’s reach. Digital tablets, virtual reality headsets, audio headsets and high-definition display walls open a door to the variety of treasures of humanity.

Go through the door Micro-Madness Digital Museum, is to take a step into virtual reality. To admire the most famous works of art in the world’s greatest museums.

Micro-folie brings together several thousand masterpieces, available with a single click of the mouse. It is enriched every year with three to four new collections, each consisting of an average of 250 to 400 masterpieces.

Lydie Bellano is one of two digital mediators. Before the slide show, one of the eight collections available to the museum. She guides the public in the menu choices.

If I like this job, I can click on the tablet and get all the information about it. You can magnify the work infinitely, see details you wouldn’t otherwise see except with the Micro-Folies device.” explains Lydie Bellano, digital broker.

Scanned in very high definition, the works of this eclectic gallery amaze, surprise, challenge. Available in several languages, the digital museum can be visited in “free” mode in total autonomy, or in “lecturer” mode for thematic visits, events or for groups.

A digital museum with a space dedicated to escape. Equipped with a virtual reality headset, you can, for example, visit Notre Dame before the fire. Chills guaranteed!

I’m a little giddy! There, I’ve just changed places and I’m under a vault, next to a rather impressive gargoyle, and I see Paris at the bottom of the screen.

A user, virtual reality headset in her eyes

There we have the opportunity to actually go to places where we have never been in cathedrals and with a quality of visual interpretation that is impressive”. Aveline Lucas completes.

Micro-Folie is a political cultural device coordinated by the Cité des Sciences de la Villette in Paris. With that of Saint-Gilles, the first in Nîmes Métropole, there are already more than 70 such museums.

“I am definitely thinking of the children of Saint-Gilles when I open this new tool for artistic and cultural education, because the Micro-Folie will become a fantastic support for school mediation for teachers, professors and organizers of the Heritage department. confirms Eddy Valadier, mayor of Saint-Gilles.

By 2023, a thousand of these museums should be located in France, mostly in working-class neighborhoods. The emotion of Mona Lisa’s smile is always worth seeing.

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