Is a rise to $10,000 possible for XRP?

Some analysts have recently stated that the price of XRP could rise significantly as the supply of tokens falls. It turns out that with the SEC lawsuit against Ripple, the demand for XRP tokens has increased. Meanwhile, the token burn continues, further reducing the XRP supply. Some speculate that the sixth largest crypto by market capitalization could trade around $1,000. But the famous American producer E. Smitty sees much further. Check out the prediction he recently made for the price of XRP.

XRP “will hit 5 figures and more”!

Currently, XRP, which is the cryptocurrency issued by Ripple, is trading around $0.46. No one knows exactly which direction the price is headed mark will receive in the next few days. However, Eric Finnerud, alias E. Smitty, has a well-defined take on the subject. Indeed, the founder and CEO of Sound Alive Records recently predicted the future value of mark from Ripple. He has stated October 19 on Twitter: XRP will not hit $1000, it will hit 5 figures and more!!! XRP is the standard!!! “.

For E. Smitty, XRP is the norm

For many Twitter users, the music producer’s prediction is unrealistic. For example, one commenter explained:It doesn’t make mathematical sense to say it’s going to go into 4 or 5 figures. do i love it Absolutely. But the numbers don’t add up“. Optimists said that XRP can achieve this feat if it burnsargumentsdeveloped on a larger scale.

E. Smitty: an ardent supporter

E. Smitty’s prediction shows, once again, how big a fan of XRP he is. The music producer happens to be a famous XRP bull. He has been very supportive of crypto in recent months.

Speaking of this, a few days ago he detected than him use XRP tokens on a daily basis to pay artist royalties. He also told his subscribers that he accepts XRP for payment for his services (mixing, mastering, production, etc.).

The musician says he uses XRP on a daily basis

Music producer E. Smitty makes an optimistic prediction for the price of XRP in the future. His prediction may seem utopian when you know that the value of crypto has not even reached $1 yet. But the risk asset market is full of surprises, so we can expect everything.

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