IMPT raises $5 million for its eco-friendly crypto

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In the two weeks since the start of its presale, the IMPT token has already achieved the milestone of raising more than 5 million dollars by investors sensitive to environmental issues.

This fundraising is the first step of whose mission is to revolutionize the carbon credit market, in particular by making it more accessible.

IMPT turns shopping into an ecological activity

Thanks to it will now be easy for consumers to manage the carbon footprint associated with their purchases thanks to blockchain technology.

To carry out this mission, can count on the support of a very large number of brands with which partnerships are already programmed. It should be noted that among the partner companies are giants of innovation such as Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomingdales, GameStop, River Island, Electrolux and many more. In short, this means that a customer who shops on Amazon with the IMPT extension will help save the planet.

Each seller will donate a percentage of the profits related to their sales made through the IMPT extension or application. This percentage is determined by the seller who decides what he wants to pay for the projects ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) which have benefited from an audit and have been selected by

Consumers will be able to choose between their favorite brands by comparing the different sales margins offered by them for selected ecological projects.

When a user makes purchases online with the IMPT add-on or buys directly from the in-app store, the user earns IMPT tokens which themselves can be exchanged for carbon credits.

How IMPT soil combats climate change

The project’s other key feature is that it facilitates the purchase, resale and “withdrawal” of carbon credits on a blockchain-integrated trading platform. Using this technology, carbon credit fraud is completely impossible in the context of trading, which brings transparency to a market that has been sorely lacking until now.

Whenever someone buys an IMPT token, they can convert it into a carbon credit, which can then be listed as an NFT directly on the exchange platform built into the website.

In addition, the IMPT token promotes the withdrawal of carbon credits through a reward system with exclusive NFTs made by renowned artists for every carbon credit withdrawn.

The withdrawal of credits ends with their burning, a procedure where the tokens are sent to an address on the blockchain that can only receive funds and not send them, as a result of which the latter disappear forever from the stock in circulation.

In addition to accumulating IMPT tokens with purchases, consumers can purchase IMPT tokens directly from the project’s website.

Individuals can then choose to burn their credits to reduce their carbon footprint and receive an NFT in return, or simply list the carbon credit on the IMPT trading platform.

IMPT turns environmental protection into profitable action for consumers and businesses

ESG investors are attracted to the characteristics of the IMPT project because of its focus on environmental issues.

But now we must understand that acting in favor of the environment is no longer necessarily something that contradicts the realization of a profit.

The long-term goal of the project is to show that this ecological contribution strategy can become a daily reality for consumers, retailers and investors.

ESG investing: a $30 trillion opportunity not to be missed

According to analysis by Broadridge Financial Solutions, ESG-certified assets will be valued at 30 trillion dollars until 2030.

IMPT is clearly ahead of its time, because the problems related to environmental issues that humanity is currently facing will become more and more present in our daily lives, and these require large-scale solutions.

The project team is led by Dennis Creightona highly qualified managing director with several years of experience under his belt.

IMPT is able to help individuals make a strong impact on the issue of ecology. With IMPT, consumers can become the solution to environmental problems when they have been the core of the problem until now.

To participate in this green revolution enabled by blockchain technology, an individual or business can simply connect a crypto wallet to and buy IMPT with ETH or USDT (Tether’s stablecoin).

If prospective buyers do not have ETH, they can purchase it securely using their bank card directly on the IMPT site.

In this first phase of the presale, the IMPT token shows a value of $0.018. In the next phase, which will start once the presale collects the equivalent of $10.8 million, the price of the IMPT token will increase until it reaches $0.023.

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