I played PS5 without any screen with this revolutionary artifact received in the world preview!

News equipment I played PS5 without any screen with this revolutionary artifact received in the world preview!

In the world of technology, innovations are going well, be it in peripherals, hardware and even connected objects. This time, it’s TCl who proves it to us with his latest prototype, which allows us to play PS5 without any screen!

TCL is already in the future!

whether you probably know TCL for its TVs, you probably did not imagine that this manufacturer has other strings in his bow. In effect, TCL Technology group is a technology manufacturer that also makes smartphones, laptops, soundbars and home appliances. Based in Huizhou, China, the company is undoubtedly one of the most important in the Asian and global market – only behind Samsung, LG and Sony in terms of market share for TVs.

And it can be done even more with his next product simply stunning: connected glasses. Yes yes, connected glasses! Forget about virtual reality or augmented reality glasses TCL NXTWEAR Sthe Chinese manufacturer has chosen a completely different path! Thanks to this pair, it is possible to watch TV, work or play without a screen.

I played PS5 without any screen with this revolutionary artifact received in the world preview!

These glasses were designed to provide an immersive experiencewhether for the game or the cinema, but also be able to work on confidential projects in open space or on the train. owing to two Micro OLED screens placed in front of each eye, the brain is able to process the information to show us a simple screen a few centimeters in front of us. In use, it’s quite impressive! The image is surprisingly beautiful, especially thanks to a very good contrast ratio and a particularly sharp resolution.

An innovation that will surely lead to others

Beyond the purely utilitarian aspect of the product, TCL also wants to democratize this kind of ultra-light accessories representing a gateway to the metaverse. Miniaturization of technologies – like Micro OLED – it is also something important for the manufactureras he hopes to one day realize the fantasy of many, namely, to create connected lenses.

Of course, it won’t be for now, TCL will first have to succeed in further reducing the size of its glasses models. Even if the latter are intended to be light and can even be folded to be stored anywhere, they always are quite imposing when we put them on the nose. The branches are also a little thick and have the defect of slightly spreading our ears.

Despite this, the TCL NXTWEAR S is, in our opinion, easier to use and less restrictive than VR headsets from Meta or Sony for example, if only to understand our environment. Unlike Meta Quest Pro or PSVR2, with these glasses we are always aware of what surrounds us. Be it with cache (which gives the effect of sunglasses) or withoutit is quite possible to see what is happening in front of and around us.

At the moment, we only have one of 10 prototypes available in the world, but TCL plans to market the NXTWEAR S later this year at a price close to €350. For those who are interested, the brand has also launched a project Kickstarter so you can pre-order this model.

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