Datanomy – Goldman Sachs is developing a crypto database

The cryptocurrency market is constantly evolving, even in the midst of this relentless bear market. A frenzy of innovation and experimentation that can quickly lose investors. With the risk of facing a project that is too promising to be honest or sectors that are still dark but destined to become the next explosive noise. A selection exercise investment bank Goldman Sachs wants to simplify for its institutional clients, by creating the tool Datanomy.

Bank Goldman Sachs is part of those bitcoin weather strips it becomes within a year one of the flagship crypto investments for institutions. It must be said that the latter are increasingly expressing the desire to immerse themselves in this digital economy. But maintaining the security and guarantees of an official structure. With a simple strategy: stabilize the Bitcoin market by drowning it under the funds of these structures with well-maintained wallets. And to support them in this effort, the development of a database called Datanomy.


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Datanomia – Help for Institutional Investors

The Datanomy project is supported by Goldman Sachs Bank, in partnership with the global index provider MSCI and crypto data company Angle metric. This is to develop a database dedicated to the digital asset market, the correct regulatory name for cryptocurrencies. With the vocation of help institutional investors who may be unfamiliar with the industry, understand the hundreds of coins and tokens that now make up a $1.05 trillion industry.”

We announced the launch of Datonomy, a new classification framework for the digital asset market in collaboration with MSCI and Coin Metrics. Datonomy is designed to provide increased standardization and transparency for the digital asset ecosystem.

Goldman Sachs

In fact, the challenge of this Datanomy service is to provide a classification of cryptocurrencies. But also a standardization of the latter according to the exact parameters “thus creating an increased level of transparency on the evolution of the market”. A way to help institutional players “visualize and analyze the digital asset ecosystem” before they decide to invest their funds there. But also, according to the MSCI structure, “to assess the sources of risk and opportunities for return” in this sector.


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A classification system whose “sole owner and administrator” is MSCI. with participation of Goldman Sachs and Coin Metrics on an advisory board. Because the goal is to develop some “digital asset” indices related to the cryptocurrency sector. The first more general (Global Digital Asset). And the other two are related to projects that are not based on Proof of Work (Digital Assets ex Proof-of-work) and to the sector of smart contracts (Digital Assets Smart Contract). Knowing that Datonomy remains accessible as a live subscription stream data from Goldman Sachs, MSCI and Coin Metrics.

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