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Charmander is a Fire-type Pokemon that evolves through progression. She uses her tail to express herself and fight off her opponents.

When we talk about Pokemon, Pikachu is the first that comes to mind. However, there are other Pokemon that are just as funny and fascinating. Charmander is one of those that Ash has encountered during his adventures. The latter is one of the three starter pokemon in Pokémon Red and Blue in 1996. We meet this dinosaur-like bipedal Pokémon in the Kanto region. However it can evolve along the way. From level 16, it evolves into Reptincel, then into Charizard from level 36. Its size and capacities evolve at the same time to become more powerful. In this file, you will find everything about this Fire-type Pokémon that characterizes the Pokémon games and anime on almost the same level as Pikachu.


Charmander is a Pokemon from Type of fire who was at first called Hitokage (Japanese). It is a bipedal Pokemon that resembles a dinosaur. It looks like the first generation of the franchise. It is the fourth Pokémon on the Pokédex list.

It is 60 cm tall and weighs approximately 8.5 kg. It is easily recognized by its almost orange body and its tail on fire all the time. Only her belly is light yellow. Each of Charmander’s hands has four small fingers while each of her feet has three claws. The flame on the tail means it lives. If it goes out, it means the end for Pokemon.

It is unclear how the developers inside Game Freak designed it. However, if we break down her name, Charmander is probably the result of a combination of salamander with a touch of dinosaur air. We also know it is Ken Sugimori who finalized his design in Pokemon Red and Green (Pokémon Red and Blue outside of Japan).

Origin of the name

When the game is released on nintendo, the designers decided to name the Pokemon in three Western languages, including French. Charmander’s name, like that of other Pokemon, is inspired by its appearance and abilities. The goal is to enable children to easily understandable game characters.

Charmander is obtained from a combination: salamander + fuse. The Pokemon’s name would be inspired by the mythical salamander which has a wick on its tail. It then evolves into Reptincel (reptile + sparkle) then Charizard (dragon + fire).

Charmander’s tail on fire

Charmander is characterized above all by the fire that burns in its tail. First, his attacks turn out to be as powerful as the size of the flame. But when he is not attacking, fire determines his emotional and physical state.

When the Pokemon is not in its normal state, the flame on its tail will decrease. The intensity of the fire can alert the trainer when his health is at risk. On the other hand, when healthy, the flame burns normally. Then the flame can take one violent outburst when he is Angry or when something excites him. In addition, he can wag his tail to express his happiness.

To preserve the fire in its tail, Charmander cannot stay in water for long. However, this does not mean that he dies because his tail is wet. However, rainy weather can be fatal to this type of Pokemon. As a result, it prefers to live in warm and dry places.

How does he behave?

Although he may be scary at first glance, Charmander is by far the scariest kindly of his line, but he is also fiery. However, it is not suitable for impatient trainers. This fire Pokemon does not like to be rushed. He can show himself as stubborn as dirty.

As for his relationship with those around him, Salameche is one of the FAITHFUL. However, he does not accept favors, because for him every good thing always gets a reward.

Being the first partner Pokemon, Charmanders are not often seen in the wild. Instead, they live in warm areas, especially in mountains near volcanoes or in caves along the coast of the Sevii Islands.

Charmander Evolutions

A Charmander evolves as the game progresses level 16, she evolves to become a Reptincel. This one is stronger than Charmander. It is 1.1 m long and weighs 19 kg. The cost of its evolution 25 candies.

from level 36, Reptincel becomes Charizard. This Pokemon is even bigger than Reptincel. It is 1.7 m long and weighs 90.5 kg. Reptincel evolves into Charizard vs 100 candies.

Charmeleon: Charmander’s first evolution

Reptincel differs from Charmander by its dark red color and the horns that adorn his back and head. Before that, it takes on a light orange color. It has wider and sharper forearms. His claws are so powerful that he can hit opponents hard.

If Charmander is gentle and wise, Reptincel meanwhile is an individual Angry that spits bluish flames when angry. When excited, the flame on her tail turns light blue and also emits fire. Her wild nature is accompanied by a the passion to fight. In addition to its claws, Reptincel also uses its tail flame to stun opponents.

Charizard, final evolution

With experience, Reptincel evolves and becomes Dracaufeu. This development does grow wings, except for the fire that spits. Charizard’s flame is also powerful enough to melt a stone.

To fight opponents less powerful to shoot, he uses only his claws. He reserves the fire attack for the strongest opponents. A loyal Pokemon that has a sense of honor is thus considered. It can also develop in Mega Charizard from Pokémon XY during a battle depending on the strength of its opponents.

Small clarification, Charizard is not a dragon type Pokemon although it does fly and breathe fire. It is classified among Pokemon e Fire and flying type.

The different appearances of Charmander

Charmander has been popular since the first generation of Pokemon. It is one of the three starter Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue in 1996. Charmander also appears in the Pokémon series and anime. There are also figures of Charmander in the pokemon box.

Charmander in video games

Nintendo developed the games Pokémon Red and Blue in 1996. In these games, players could choose from three starter Pokemon, one of which was Charmander. Shortly after the Pokémon Red and Blue games were introduced in Western countries, another game, Pokémon Yellow, was released. Any player who wants to start in this special edition must start with a Pikachu.

Charmander only appears later and is assigned to NPC (non-player character). However, the remakes chose it to be part of the original Pokemon. This is how we encounter Fire Pokemon in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen in 2004.

what about the anime

The Pokémon animated series consists of several hundred episodes grouped into fifteen seasons. In the anime, Ash dreams win the pokemon league like a Pokemon Master. He goes on adventures with his faithful friend Pikachu.

During their adventures, Ash acquired many other Pokemon, including Charmander. The latter, Sacha found in nature after he had been abandoned from his coach. After this discovery, the little boy gets treatment for him from a Pokemon center, then becomes his trainer. However, since he has evolved into Reptincel, Ash Charmander becomes stubborn. He becomes less docile and fights only when he feels like it.

manga Pikachu’s Electric Tale describes a more or less different story. Charmander’s master was injured and taken to the hospital. Sacha already has his Charmander.

Charmander in The Pokémon Movie: I Choose You!

Pokémon the Movie is a feature film in which Ash, the protagonist meets a Charmander, a Chenipan as well as Marshadow, the mysterious Pokémon.

Here’s the plot: Sacha just turned 10 years old. He woke up late and, to his surprise, met another Pikachu, stubborn this time. The pair had a rough start, but over time they become friends and partners. We also meet two trainers Justine and Honoré, with their respective Pokémon, Piplup and Lucario helped Sacha.

One day, they see Ho-Oh, the legendary Pokemon, in full flight. So they decide to go in search of him. During their travels, Team Rocket, led by Coryx, the arrogant coach, also argues with Ho-Oh. This malicious trainer gave up his Charmander, tired of the rain. Ash picked it up and healed it at the Pokemon Center. In the movie, Charmander evolves into Reptincel and confronts FelinfernoCorix’s Fire and Dark Pokemon.

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