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This is Web 3. This term is widely used as it is now possible to perform some activities virtually.

More simply, the Web 3 concept takes on its full meaning when the subject revolves around blockchain.

Many virtual projects are based on it and aim to create what can be considered in a few years as the Internet revolution.

What does Web 3 really stand for? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Web 3 Global Overview

Before discussing the notion of Web 3, it is important to understand blockchain technology. The latter is nothing more than a system that allows data and information to be transmitted securely.

Blockchain is accessible to the public and no body has control over it. Today there are many blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB chain, Polkadot or Solana.

Going back to Web 3, it is simply a set of platforms and applications that can run on the various blockchains mentioned earlier. It is clearly open to all, unlike Web 2 which is mostly under the control of Internet giants.

Although the definition of Web 3 seems clear, it is still vague and can seem incomprehensible to neophytes. It is especially for this reason that it is necessary to understand the main axes that regulate its placement.

The first axis of Web 3 is decentralization. It opposes the monopoly of the Internet and technology by giants such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple (GAFA). Thus, the management of Web 3 will be carried out by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

It will always be possible launch your ICO with atelier-majelan.com and perform other web-based activities. The only difference is that every action will be transparent and secure, limiting censorship.

Web 3 is also defined by its second main axis, which is none other than data security. With this revolution, only the owner of the information has complete exclusivity. This is a significant change from Web 2 where third parties can access confidential information.

Advantages and disadvantages of Web 3

Web 3 is still under construction. However, this new age of the Internet has both advantages and disadvantages for those who will join it.

What are the strengths of Web 3?

One of the first advantages of Web 3 relates directly to content creators. The latter will suffer less censorship in relation to what they offer to their audience. Second, they will have the opportunity to receive a better reward. In fact, small percentages will be taken from the commissions of the latter. They can also be paid directly by members of their communities.

With Web 3, cryptocurrencies and in particular non-fungible tokens (NFTs) still have a bright future ahead. They are simply means of transaction like money in real life. NFTs are particularly advantageous in Web 3 because this technology makes it possible to trace the origin of a digital asset and above all to establish its ownership.

Digital identity is another advantage of Web 3. If in Web 2 it is provided by most platforms belonging to GAFA bodies, with this digital revolution it is possible for every individual to own his digital identity. This is especially possible with NFTs, which represent a powerful and unique technology.

The purpose of digital identity is that every individual can check their person online without asking for any authentication. Therefore, Web 3 will limit the race to the famous blue symbol on most social networks.

To conclude with the advantages of Web 3, you should know that this technological revolution will give the opportunity to be in a more immersive world. Indeed, this new virtual world gives the opportunity to fully enter the metaverse and interact with many people. Video games, virtual and augmented reality will be there. You also have to rely on cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

What are the weaknesses of Web 3?

Web 3 is under construction and its ecosystem is still dependent on Web 2 infrastructures. Accessing it may also come at a cost. This could be an obstacle to its adoption. User experience is also a major limitation of Web 3, because not everyone knows the pros and cons.

Web 3 is a revolution on the Internet, it is based on the main axes in order to be a better place for users. This revolution has some advantages, but also limitations. However, everything seems to promise a better future for Web 3, as everything is being done for its official deployment.

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