We tested for you: Cheops, a spectacular dive

Experience projects you to the top of the pyramid. /credit: Excurio – Emissive

Lyon Capitale has tested for you the 100% virtual reality immersion of the pyramid of Cheops. An impressive 45-minute experience at Confluence Mall.

Who has never dreamed of visiting one of the seven wonders of the world? Now it is possible without leaving Lyon: the gates of Egypt are open to Lyonnais thanks to virtual reality in a large room (more than 850 m²) located in the heart of the Confluence shopping center, on the site of the old Decathlon . A truly immersive journey that takes place from November 3 to March 23, 2023. In two words, a dizzying and very exotic experience… without paying a plane ticket.

“The Real Ready Player”Emmanuel Guerriero, co-founder of Emissive

Conceived by two partners – Emmanuel Guerriero and Fabien Barati from the Emissive agency – the immersive exhibition deals with a fascinating program: a visit to the heart of the mythical pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, erected between -2590 and 2565 BC, the geography of the landscape, the story of the embalming of King Cheops, the exploration of the Giza plateau…

Virtual reality combines entertainment and learning

Before starting the visit, you need to choose your nickname which will then appear above your head in the virtual expedition. The teams then outfit you with a three-kilogram backpack containing a computer and batteries, then the virtual reality helmet.

Our hearts race and it’s off to a discovery session on the history of the Cheops pyramid in 45 minutes. So much time when you will learn a lot about this mythical monument, while you are amazed by the beauty of the landscapes.

The Kheops Horizon Experiment
105 backpacks are available to the public @ Cheyenne Gabrelle

Dive into another dimension

Once the virtual reality mode is activated, we immerse ourselves in the authentic and extraordinary universe of ancient Egypt: oriental music, Egyptian decor with sand and desert. We have a stunning view of the city. Then a guide whispers in our ear. She intervenes to show us the way we should take to the pyramid, 146 meters high. The latter explains the creation of the monument, the interior and the past of the pharaohs and even jokes. Our avatars also appear in the virtual world.

As in reality, all the details are important – and we want to touch everything -: we can see the smoke of a hot tea, the shadow of virtual characters, birds flying in the sky, the details of carved stones, the shapes of the earth , water the plants… The immersive experience invites the visitor to travel to the heart of the pyramid and the king’s tomb, tucked away in a room at the corner of the pyramid.

All building dimensions and historical facts shown by the guides are sourced by scientific teams. The project teams worked together with Peter Der Manuelian, Egyptologist and his team from the Giza Archives Project (Harvard University) to provide a quality dive. Like a museum, but much more fun.

In addition, a little while ago the exhibition was presented at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, for three months.

Dive atop the Pyramid of Cheops @ Emissive

Beware of vibrations during the experience. On a mobile platform, we are driven to climb to the top of the pyramid effortlessly and have a panoramic view. The view makes you dream as the details are numerous.

For 45 minutes, the visitor moves and follows the arrows, without ever hitting the walls. The experience also invites the visitor to bend down to pass through a narrow tunnel leading to the pharaoh’s tomb. In addition to discovering the infinity of the country, the dive continues to the burial of King Cheops, passing through different landscapes. You can even bend over to explore the area in more detail. Character sounds are adjusted according to helmet positioning.

The visit identically reproduces the interior of the Cheops pyramid. Once the helmet is removed, the world around us appears virtual.

If the experience is generally very positive, among the negative sides, we note the presence of some image errors, but without much importance. Similarly, the backpack is sometimes a bit heavy after the 45-minute visit, which may seem tiring for the older and younger. Finally, the price may discourage the most or the most insecure.

Horizon of Cheops Comprehensive Exhibition Room @ Cheyenne Gabrelle

Cheops Horizon is recommended for children over eight years old, due to the backpack load. The experience is open every day from 14:00 to 20:00, from 21.50 euros and up to 29 euros.

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