VIDEO. Tarn: no phone, no internet for a week … residents of this small town “feel completely abandoned”

In Labruguière in Tarn, residents of the villages of Gaux and Tissous have been without telephone and internet since Friday 28 October.

Friday, October 28, at the crossroads of the road to Laprade and the village of Gaux, a few kilometers from the Labruguière exit, a truck would have torn over fifty meters of several telephone cables, depriving nearly 200 residents of telephone and Internet. Since, wires continue to hang and cables are wrapped around poles, for lack of anything better.

“We have elderly people in the village who today find themselves isolated from everything. Some are used to having the TV on all day because it is the only presence they have,” says Pascal Maynadier, a resident of the village of Les Gaux. The latter has tried several times to join Orange services, network managers. In vain. “They cannot give us a date for the repair or return to service of the network”, adds Tarnais who wants which is about fighting bad luck with a good heart. But the latter still does not understand how things “can drag on for so long”.

“We feel completely abandoned”

Meanwhile, Pascal Maynadier devotes a good portion of his days to visiting his neighbors to make sure they are okay. “Thankfully he is there and the whole neighborhood has come together because since Friday we feel completely abandoned. It’s a shame”, explains Nikola, who has been living in the city for forty years. “We are both disabled and need regular nursing care. And we usually make an appointment with our landline… But luckily we have a cell phone and the neighbors help us use it otherwise how would we do it?!”, asks the pensioner .

Far away in the countryside, Irène, 96, also sees her daily life turned upside down. “Of course, not having a phone hinders me and then I miss the television because the evenings are long… Fortunately, my son and daughter-in-law do not live far away and come to see me several times a year. But I still find that they take time to repair,” says the elderly lady, who is still relieved that her remote assistance box (Présence Verte) is still working.

An “emergency” procedure was initiated.

Soon after the incident, the mayor of Labruguière David Cucullières ordered the municipal police and seized the gendarmerie to identify the driver. “It is in the investigation phase. We have also contacted Orange, the company that owns the network, as we do not have authorization to intervene for this problem. In response, we were told an intervention on November 7, but the problem is that the damaged and destroyed poles must to be replanted, for this reason, all the services that have underground networks passing through that place must be questioned, in particular water supply and sewerage, and this will take some time”, specifies the mayor, who. to “shorten this time” , will initiate the so-called emergency procedure. “We have residents affected by the Green Presence system and we cannot wait a few more weeks before the network is restored. This is not tolerable so we will try to speed things up.”

Contacted by La Dépêche du Midi, the communications department of Orange “aware of the collective problem created by this incident” confirms that an intervention must be planned very soon. It also invites people affected by this problem to report as soon as possible to the operator’s customer service.

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