TapNation to launch Web3 gaming projects in 2022

Currently, TapNation, the French studio specializing in mobile video games, records more than 700 million downloads of its games worldwide. To grow even more, the company now wants to get involved in Web3 game projects, a very promising new market in the mobile video game sector.. In any case, this is what we can see in the announcement made by Rémi Di Mascio, Web3 project manager at TapNation, a few days ago.

Web3, a challenge and not a necessity

Although the company doesn’t make it clear, it’s pretty clear that TapNation’s Web3 gaming projects are meant to trick fans of its video games into using cryptocurrencies, or NFTs. For now, these are still associated with a less than glorious reputation.

To achieve its goals, the mobile video game publisher wants to provide added value to these technologies. Rémi Di Marscio explains that today, video game fans play just to play and have no intention of investing financially or materially. So, if the publisher manages to encourage the use of NFTs and virtual currencies in a subtle way in their games, the public would find them acceptable. The TapNation Project Manager also added that they have over 700 million downloads across all their video games, globally. So if they manage to convert even one percent of these users to Web3, that would already be a big step forward.

For this exploration into the world of Web3, the publisher assumes that it is a simple challenge, not a necessity. To date, the publisher’s mobile video games are profitable, and they still generate quite significant revenue. These projects are a way to test the waters without financial pressure. That said, the company does not forget to keep an eye on the financial market, even if it is not their main motivation.

Projects that will see the light of day by the end of the year

According to Rémi Di Mascio, the TapNation company has three projects in mind, all scheduled to launch in the last quarter of this year 2022, to enter the Web3 universe:

  • Create the first Cardano metaverse connected to the NFT universe;
  • Develop Caps and blockchain cryptocurrency Ternoa in its mobile games;
  • Create NFT-oriented mobile games from A to Z.

The first project concerns a partnership with the Metadams NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain. A help for the video game studio since the blockchain was looking for a video game publishing company to create a metaverse connected to their NFT universes. It aims to create the first Cardano metaverse when it comes to daily active users. The first version of it will probably be released in the coming weeks.

The second project is quite similar to the previous one, as it is still a collaboration with another blockchain installed in France. Indeed, this second study is a collaboration with the Ternoa blockchain, which has a solid reputation in the French market. This partnership aims to develop Caps, the studio’s in-game blockchain virtual currency.. The fruit of this cooperation should emerge in the following weeks. However, there will initially be a testing phase of about three or four months to determine the best way to use the cryptocurrency.

The last project that is being prepared will be realized within the country. Indeed, the publisher plans to create entirely NFT-oriented video games, but looking for external partners. According to Rémi Di Mascio, this will be a big challenge as the publisher wants the app to really serve users.

Games at the service of players above all

Also according to Rémi Di Mascio, TapNation does not plan to become blockchain and NFT experts. Despite their intention to implement these environments in their future games, the company wants above all to remain an expert in the gaming environment. Unlike blockchain players who will use this technology to design their games, TapNation thinks about the game first. Only then does the publisher try to find the best way to integrate the technology into it so that the game works optimally. In this way, the behavior of the players is taken into account, making it possible to provide a result that meets their expectations.

In addition, the publisher is aware that most players will not necessarily be able to master the technology surrounding NFTs and the metaverse in general. This is exactly the challenge that TapNation wants to step into, that is, to make this technology invisible to the eyes of users. Except this, The publisher reveals that it is not really necessary to use the terms cryptocurrency or NFT when discussing their games. However, he admits that these tools are great and that it is important to educate and support the public in this technology little by little..

Mobile video game publisher TapNation needs no introduction, and no one doubts that this entry into the metaverse will take it to the next level.

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